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Adam Niewood: Epic Journey, Volumes I & II

Read "Epic Journey, Volumes I & II" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Post modern jazz musicians like New York-based multi-reed instrumentalist Adam Niewood are sometimes more adroit at pushing boundaries in terms of incorporating non-traditional instruments and equally non-traditional compositions. Niewood wrote most of the tracks on Epic Journey, Volumes I & II, composing with a mind toward letting the instruments speak in their own voices while overlapping a bigger picture as the main anchor of each piece. The result is what might be imagined, if the entire quintet had an even-hand ...


Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers: Epic Journey, Volumes I & II

Read "Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers: Epic Journey, Volumes I & II" reviewed by Jay Deshpande

Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers Epic Journey, Volumes I & II Innova Recordings 2008

Still a young man, reed player Adam Niewood is a hard-to-pigeonhole enigma for jazz fans. He sounds equally comfortable across a broad range of instruments (the tenor saxophone is his mainstay); his education has taken him to Berklee, Juilliard and the Manhattan School of Music; he has played with a handful of major names like Bill Charlap ...


Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers: Epic Journey, Volumes I & II

Read "Epic Journey, Volumes I & II" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Adam Niewood's Epic Journey, Volumes I & II is the third vertex in an isosceles triangle of recent releases, the other two points being Noah Preminger's Dry Bridge Road (Nowt, 2008) and Chris Potter's Follow the Red Line: Live at the Village Vanguard (Sunnyside, 2007)--records by saxophonist-leaders ranging from reasonably to very young, with similar instrumentation--notably electric guitar--and excellent execution. Niewood's record has a bit of the funky looseness of the Potter disc, with Kristjan Randalu taking Craig Taborn's Fender ...


Adam Niewood and his Rabble Rousers: Epic Journey Volumes I and II

Read "Epic Journey Volumes I and II" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

An epic journey can be described as anything in life that has a start, a finish and a lot of challenges, diversions or other experiences in between. With that in mind, it's easy to see how Adam Niewood and His Rabble Rousers would adopt the term as the title for an exciting two-disc album. Niewood is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and clinician. His professional associations include Steve Gadd, Chuck Mangione, Rufus Reid, Bill Charlap and many others. Niewood's ...


Adam Niewood: Introducing Adam Niewood

Read "Introducing Adam Niewood" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Though Adam Niewood's 2004 debut recording may have been late in coming, it showcases the immense voice of this little-known but rising musician. The New York saxophonist is the son of musical parents, jazz saxophonist Gerry Niewood and classical pianist Gurly Niewood. But he may be better known for his expertise as a woodwind mouthpiece refinisher, restoring the life of worn and battered mouthpieces to rejuvenated quality. That craftsmanship and attention to detail is also evident in ...


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