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Emerald City Jazz Orchestra: Come Rain or Come Shine

Read "Come Rain or Come Shine" reviewed by Jack Bowers

A rule of thumb for any artistic endeavor is that a sequel is seldom as good as the original. The qualifier “seldom must be used because there are occasional exceptions to the rule. As luck would have it, here comes one now--the Emerald City Jazz Orchestra's remarkable followup to its debut album, Alive and Swingin'! (SMP 0004). In reviewing that earlier enterprise, I noted that “section work is immaculate, soloists are superb, and the rhythm section simply kicks ass. I ...


Emerald City Jazz Orchestra: Alive and Swingin'

Read "Alive and Swingin'" reviewed by Dave Nathan

The Emerald City Jazz Orchestra is made up of solid jazz personages from the Seattle area's large and active jazz community. The Orchestra's maiden album is made highly listenable by fresh and innovative arrangements. Among the songs that stand out are a medium tempo “It's only a Paper Moon" with a Count Basie like piano by Reuel Lubag leading the way, alternately interrupted with measures from blaring brass and softer reeds. This arrangement is characteristic of the imaginative book put ...


Emerald City Jazz Orchestra: Alive and Swingin'

Read "Alive and Swingin'" reviewed by Jack Bowers

A few months ago I sang widely the praises of the Hawk–Richard Jazz Orchestra, a company of relative unknowns from Texas who made a dream come true by producing one of the more colorful and exciting big–band discs of ’98. Few contemporary ensembles have impressed me as much as Hawk–Richard — but here’s one that has, the Emerald City Jazz Orchestra led by trumpeter Kevin Seeley. No, they’re not from Oz; the Seattle, Washington, area actually. But the point of ...


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