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Unburied Treasure

Read "Unburied Treasure" reviewed by John Kelman

Of all the so-called progressive rock bands that emerged in the late '60s/early '70s, Gentle Giant has, perhaps, been the most misunderstood, and the one which failed to reach the same deserved commercial heights of its creatively innovative brethren, like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd. Of the bigger names from that time, only Van der Graaf Generator could be considered in the same breath when it comes to missed commercial success opportunities, and even that group has fared ...


Gentle Giant: Live in Santa Monica 1975

Read "Live in Santa Monica 1975" reviewed by John Kelman

With DRT's 2005 35th Anniversary remasters of much of Gentle Giant's back studio catalog, the opportunity to hear this remarkable 1970s progressive rock band in performance from back in the day is being embraced by a new group of fans--many who were too young (if even born) at the time.

Live in Santa Monica 1975 comes with a warning, however: while a legitimate commercial release, it's more bootleg in quality. In some spots the quality is ...


Gentle Giant: Giant on the Box

Read "Gentle Giant: Giant on the Box" reviewed by John Kelman

Gentle Giant Giant on the Box Alucard 2004

Amidst the plethora of so-called progressive rock bands of the '70s, Gentle Giant stood out as a group like no other. By the time of the performances documented on this newly-released DVD, Giant on the Box , Giant had settled into the line-up that would remain intact until their sadly with-a-whimper demise at the end of the '70s: Derek Shulman on lead vocals, saxophone, recorder, electric ...


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