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String Theory 2016

Read "String Theory 2016" reviewed by Ian Patterson

String Theory 13 North Great Georges Street jny: Dublin, Ireland May 20-21, 2016 String Theory, a two-day celebration of avant-garde guitar craft was no ordinary festival. The fact that the music was experimental, largely improvised and inherently risk-laden isn't what set this inaugural Dublin festival apart, after all it's what we've come to expect from co-promoters Improvised Music Company, Note Productions and festival curators Bottlenote Music--a collective of renowned local and international musicians.


Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: Enough still not to know

Read "Enough still not to know" reviewed by John Eyles

It was back in late 2011 that the last collaboration between Keith Rowe and John Tilbury was issued, E.E. Tension and Circumstance (Potlatch, 2011), having been recorded live in Paris in December 2010. As that was their second duo recording, following the double CD Duos for Doris (Erstwhile, 2003), and they had not played together since Rowe left AMM in 2004, it was not unduly pessimistic for the review of it to conclude, “[W]e know from Duos for Doris that ...


Three From Intonema

Read "Three From Intonema" reviewed by John Eyles

When the ninth and tenth releases on St. Petersburg's Intonema label were released, it was noteworthy that neither of them featured a Russian musician, despite the label's catalogue previously featuring such notable Russians as saxophonist Ilia Belorukov, bass guitarist Mikhail Ershov and pianist Alexey Lapin alongside a distinguished cast of fine overseas players. Happily, the label's three subsequent releases, below, have not continued that trend, as two of them feature Russians, including one solely by the Russian Andrey Popovskiy. And, ...


Keith Rowe / John Tilbury: E.E.Tension and Circumstance

Read "E.E.Tension and Circumstance" reviewed by Mark Corroto

If it weren't for the sound of one hand clapping, we would have no resonance at all.That snarky summation might best describe this hour-long duo performance by former AMM ensemble band mates Keith Rowe and John Tilbury. Like the zen koan “one hand clapping," this music evokes an almost instantaneous meditation.Recorded just outside of Paris in December 2010 at Les Instants Chavirés, this duo brings together two legends of British improvisation not heard together on record ...


Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: E.E. Tension and Circumstance

Read "Keith Rowe and John Tilbury: E.E. Tension and Circumstance" reviewed by John Eyles

Keith Rowe & John Tilbury E.E. Tension and Circumstance Potlatch2011 It happens every year. Just as the old year is drawing to a close, after the best-of-the-year lists have been compiled and published, a release arrives just too late to make those lists but deserving to feature in their upper echelons. For 2011, E.E. Tension and Circumstance was the one. Pairing Keith Rowe on guitar and John Tilbury on ...


Keith Rowe: One Bird Flying Through

Read "Keith Rowe: One Bird Flying Through" reviewed by John Eyles

In early June 2009, multi-instrumentalist Keith Rowe made one of his rare visits to London to play a concert at Cafe Oto as part of Another Timbre's Unnamed Music Festival in a trio with saxophonists Martin Kuchen and Seymour Wright, before heading north to Leeds to play another set the following evening with the same trio. Having been in the audience for the first night of the festival--and seeing fine sets by Sebastian Lexer and Aleks Kowalski, Rhodri Davies, Lee ...


Keith Rowe: Mixing Soundscapes and Politics at Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem

Read "Keith Rowe: Mixing Soundscapes and Politics at Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Keith Rowe Musrara Mix Festival #8Naggar School of Photography, Media and New Music Jerusalem, Israel May 27, 2008

Music, at least apart from recorded documentation, may be the most impermanent art. Yet there are many musicians or concerts that can leave a lasting mark, altering the way we perceive music, the music- creating process and its very importance to our personal lives. Keith Rowe's 30-minute concert at the annual multidisciplinary festival produced ...


Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura: Between

Read "Between" reviewed by John Eyles

Although it was released some six months ago, there has been a reluctance to rush into print with judgments of this album. In common with other Erstwhile releases, this is music that takes time to properly percolate into the brain and leave its mark.

Together and separately, Rowe and Nakamura are Erstwhile's most recorded artists and, with this album, the first grouping to have a second release on the label. Their first, Weather Sky was recorded and released in 2001. ...


4g: cloud

Read "4g: cloud" reviewed by John Eyles

4g (four gentlemen of the guitar) cloud Erstwhile 2005 Hmmm... Four gentlemen of the guitar? Whatever sound image that description conjures up in your head, it is probably a long way from the actual music here. Based on immediate aural evidence, one could more easily believe these were four gentlemen of the tone generator. But listen on and all sorts of subtleties are revealed.... Remarkably, it is now over ...

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