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Georgi Sareski 6 Featuring Francesco Bearzatti: SoHoHo

Read "Georgi Sareski 6 Featuring Francesco Bearzatti: SoHoHo" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Georgi Sareski 6 Featuring Francesco Bearzatti SoHoHo Chicken Madness 2006 If guitarist Georgi Sareski's debut album, Elflandia, in which he explored spacious tonal landscapes, presented him as a gifted composer with a fertile imagination, then his second album, SoHoHo, showcases both his compositional skills and his prowess on the guitar, his first instrument, which was a little sidelined on Elflandia. In complete contrast to the contemplative mood that ...


Georgi Sareski: Elflandia

Read "Elflandia" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

The Chicken Madness label has recently lived up to its reputation as a source of high-quality releases which manage to sound both contemporary and alternative. Georgi Shareski's debut release, Elflandia, easily falls into this category. Even though Sarevski is a guitarist and mostly performs with his trio, this release finds him showcasing his prowess as a composer and arranger. The resulting music is tightly arranged yet spontaneous, majestic and lyrical. The compositions are beautiful and powerful, revealing ...


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