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Dave Peck: Good Road

Read "Good Road" reviewed by Robert R. Calder

Especially for Musicians would be a great subtitle for this recording. It's easy to imagine a queue of saxophonists and other hornmen outside the Peck ranch demanding to play with him. On most tracks the guy's harmonic command and invention send him teetering on the edge of a completely new composition. The one tune of his own is of course an exception. His sometime partner Bud Shank elsewhere recorded a set of Peck originals.Possibly the least consistent track ...


Dave Peck: Good Road

Read "Dave Peck: Good Road" reviewed by Jason West

Dave Peck Good Road Let's Play Stella 2005

Extended intros and cadenzas, embellished harmonic signposts, hints of melodic foreshadowing, frenetic bursts of rhythmic energy, and pregnant moments of ballad magic drive Good Road to the edge of the proverbial cliff and blissfully over.Seattle pianist and composer Dave Peck has released five trio recordings in the past seven years on his Let's Play Stella record label: Trio (1998), The Piano (1999) and 3 ...


Dave Peck: Out of Seattle

Read "Out of Seattle" reviewed by Jim Wilke

Dave Peck’s fourth CD Out of Seattle represents a slight shift in his approach. After two well-received trio albums ( Trio, 1998; 3 and 1, 2000) with longtime associates Chuck Deardorf and Dean Hodges, Peck chose to record this time with Jeff Johnson on bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums – to “kick me into a different space,” he said. Nothing wrong with that, as Jeff and Joe are two of the best players in the kind of music Dave ...


Dave Peck Trio: 3 in 1

Read "3 in 1" reviewed by Dave Nathan

One of the more enduring combinations of musical instrumental expression, whether it be for jazz or classical, is the piano trio. The great jazz pianists from Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum through Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson to Brad Mehldau and Keith Jarrett have used this vehicle to present their personal jazz expressions. With this offering, Seattle-based Dave Peck has made a legitimate claim to be admitted to this exalted company. On the jazz scene as a performer, arranger and ...


Dave Peck: 3 and !

Read "3 and !" reviewed by Jason West

With3 and 1, pianist Dave Peck, acoustic bassist Chuck Deardorf and drummer Dean Hodges have combined to produce a musical work of art. Here is melody and harmony. Here is humor and sadness. Here technique and musicianship wed personality and communication. And here is improvisation – the heart of this music we call jazz –revealing Peck and company as one of the most sensitive, lyrical piano trios in the world to date.All tunes, 8 standards and one original, ...


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