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Announcing World's Largest Ever Jazz Virtual 5K–Run / Walk / Ride Race During Jazz Appreciation Month

Announcing World's Largest Ever Jazz Virtual 5K–Run / Walk / Ride Race During Jazz Appreciation Month

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A registered International Jazz Day Event April 30, 2021 which highlights global jazz celebrations. Let’s represent!
Jazz in Action on a Global Stage!

Jazz fans all over the world, some exciting news has just been announced by The Jazzsippers Consortium. They have launched one of the biggest virtual races of 2021, where people all over the world can take part in the Jazz Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Ride Race, With a Jazz music near me concept, you can participate from anywhere! They are allowing for anyone to take part in this Historical Event, that will ever be associated with Jazz History, it is being talked about as the Woodstock for Jazz!

The Jazzsippers Consortium decided to organize the annual virtual 5K Run/Walk/Ride Race event to celebrate the historical importance and cultural relevance of Jazz. Those who support the virtual event and register will receive a free T-shirt. They can choose the, I Love Jazz; The Jazzsippers Consortium Supporter T-Shirt; The Jazz Matter T-Shirt or The Jazzsippers Consortium Members T-Shirt. Prizes and Awards are eligible to only registered participants. The virtual race will take place between Sat April 17 – Fri April 30, 2021 and is open to anyone in the world who loves Jazz.

Registration is open now online.

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By spotlighting Jazz or Jass music in a new light as a young and vibrant healthy musical genre, and not one that is hanging on by life support it puts Jazz in a total new and invigorating light. The virtual race will not only promote the celebration of Jazz, but it will also promote the good work that The Jazzsippers Consortium does daily. Which helps to promote Jazz and encourage more people of all ages to appreciate Jazz and to take part in it, by helping in supporting Jazz based initiatives in promoting Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy. The Jazzsippers Consortium Group is laser focus on brining Jazz to the forefront and allowing Jazzsippers to work collectively in these endeavors.

A spokesman for The Jazzsippers said: “The Jazz Appreciation Month is a time for celebrating the Success and Importance of Jazz, but it is also to inform non-members, and members of their community about the amazing work they do, and can continually do collectively as Jazzsippers to Promote, Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy.” And, by making it an all-inclusive event, it provides the greatest possibility of coming together to meet on common ground issues, such as youth-based initiatives, entrepreneurial opportunities within the Jazz industry, and a slew of other, common ground initiatives. And to help in the development of strategic alliances that can be forged with non-members of the community worldwide.

The fun event is set to unite all Jazz lovers all over the world. There has never been a big Jazz event organized other than this virtual race. With people walking, running, and riding, they can all show their appreciation for the Jazz music of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It is important to promote Jazz and celebrate the likes of Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Herbie Hancock, and Sonny Rollins, as well as the big stars of today and the new breed of Jazz stars of tomorrow. By promoting Jazz, it allows more people to appreciate Jazz, especially the young who will help keep the appreciation of Jazz for future generations. Between 2018 and 2019 Spotify told the Guardian that about 40% of jazz listening on the streaming website is done by people under 30, with the percentage holding steadily since 2014. This shows a great underlining of interest in Jazz by our youth. As an Industry, Jazz has to find ways to harvest this underlining interest.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” —Albert Einstein.

To learn more about the virtual race, and to learn more about The Jazzsippers, please visit their website.

About the Jazzsippers Consortium

The Jazzsippers Consortium is a collective group of Jazzsippers that come together with the objective of participating in liked-minded activities of pooling resources for achieving the common goals of Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy.

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