Meilana Gillard

London-born, Ohio-raised Saxophonist and Composer residing in Northern Ireland.

About Me

Ohio raised saxophonist and composer Meilana Gillard emerged as a rising star on the New York scene whilst studying at the New School in the early 2000s. She has worked with U.S. icons Charli Persip, Christian McBride and also Greg Osby, who released her debut album Day One on his Inner Circle Music label in 2009, as well as Debbie Reynolds, Glenn Campbell and the New York all-female big band DIVA. Based near Belfast since 2012, she's now set to release her second album Dream Within a Dream on May 26th via Lyte Records. Choosing a chordless trio format, Meilana features MOBO nominated drummer David Lyttle, who has featured her in his own trio and alongside trumpet star Terell Stafford, and whose own recent studio collaborations include Joe Lovano and Talib Kweli. On bass is Co. Clare born Neil O'Loghlen, who is known for his work with guitar master Louis Stewart and Ensemble Eriu. (last updated June 27, 2017)

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2017-07-06

I love jazz mostly because its fun, but also because it requires humans to come together and support each other while celebrating our individuality and creating something much larger than ourselves. It makes people feel really good also! There is so much beauty and elegance, its my favorite form of expression. I was first exposed to jazz... my grandpa used to listen to Duke Ellington Orchestra, Count Basie Orchestra. etc. and my mom played me Miles Davis before I was born :-) The first jazz record I bought was The Essential Stan Getz. My advice to new listeners... Get lost in the feels, and stay open-minded!

My Favorites

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