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Join your fellow enthusiasts and help AAJ remain the most comprehensive, educational, and entertaining jazz resource on the web.

All About Jazz is looking to expand our staff of behind-the-scenes operators and has several opportunities available for individuals who wish to join our ever-growing community of enthusiasts, musicians, presenters, journalists, educators and industry professionals.

The positions below are all available and require varying degrees of time commitment—some as little as 15 minutes a day.

If you would like to join All About Jazz, please fill out this form.

AAJ is a volunteer yet thoroughly professional website. We're a committed group (twelve years and going strong), we're champions of the music, and we're making a difference. We welcome your time and energy.

Thank you!
Your Friends at All About Jazz


CD Review Editors

We're looking for 6-8 individuals to edit and prepare CD reviews for publication. Preparation involves ensuring a submission follows "house" editorial and formatting guidelines. Depending on the number of editors, time commitment could involve 15-20 minutes per review per day.

Musician Profile Editors

AAJ is looking to create and maintain musician profiles from legendary artists like Miles Davis to local, not-quite-discovered musicians from your own hometown.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to contribute to AAJ, but are concerned about a time commitment, please consider a profile editor position. You have the flexibility to add information and develop profiles on your own schedule.

We would ideally like to build a complete directory of profiles for musicians past and present, so fans of a particular artist or fans looking to promote their local heroes can get involved.

Becoming a profile editor takes seconds. First, create your MY AAJ member account. Once you're a member, select a profile to edit from the Musician Center and click the "Become a [Musician Name] profile editor" link at the bottom of the musician's profile page. We'll then assign you editorial access to the profile.

Once you have established your MY AAJ member account, you're also free to create profiles for musicians currently not listed at the Musician Center. You can also submit calendar dates on their behalf.

Completing a profile involves adding key information about an artist: biographical information, photographs, website URL, new release information, instrument, and discography. You can also include date of birth, teaching information, and so on. Here are two examples:

Our goal is to complete profiles for the following musicians first. Feel free to request as many as you care to maintain. Or start fresh, and create profiles for musicians not currently listed in the directory.

Interview Editors

We're looking for 1-2 individuals to edit and prepare interviews for publication. Since interviews are often quite lengthy, the goal is for each editor to prepare one interview per week, with the average editing time between one and two hours. Basic HTML knowledge is preferred (although instruction and guidance will be happily provided) because this work includes adding images, links to existing AAJ reviews and, on occasion, addressable chapters. You will work with John Kelman (Interview Center Senior Editor).

Regional Evangelists

We're looking for individuals from various metropolitan areas to maintain our local listings. Our goal is to list all active jazz venues and festivals and to encourage all musicians and presenters to utilize our free services.

For example: Edward Zucker and Michael Ricci maintain the venue directory, festival directory, submit local news, and perform outreach in the Philadelphia area. As result, we've developed an active Philadelphia following at the website. We'd like to do the same for other cities (internationally) and are looking for jazz supporters at the local level.

Photo Gallery Editor

We're looking for an individual to maintain the AAJ Photo Gallery and to recruit professional photographers to create and maintain their own photo albums at AAJ. You must have a fundamental understanding of the Gallery software and its administrative features. Time commitment varies. You will work with Michael Ricci.

Data Entry

We're looking for an individual to help us build our Instrument Manufacturer directory. It mostly involves searching the web for manufacturer websites and entering their company information into the Instrument Manufacturer submission form.

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