Happiness Lingers


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Happiness Lingers

Hard to admit the futility
When I dream of our time as one.
A passion brief but dramatic
Has been woven into every tune,
Esp. the saxophone
Stirring up memories of the glory
When we merged as one.

The committment caught in rich tunes
The gift of knowing you still hums
And the happiness lingers:
Listening, love fills this room—
The rapid flow expressing
The range our passions knew.

Music Enriches

Under storm and rain
Thoughts roam again
Thru images of our union
As rich tunes play
The full range of passions
As the saxophone sways
Thru the feelings of merging
A love that can't be sent away
For it lives in the music
That enriches each day
While I dream of your body— Thus the need here to stay.

The possibilities emerging
As your life goes thru change
That re-union could materialize,
The actual merging again.

Music Flows

Body aches in slow decay:
Endless decades walking!
Now muscles/tendons pounding pain
To remind me: that dream—
Flashed recall of our union
Will never meet the actual
Yet never leave the brain
Listening to your reflection
As sax, drums, piano play
The joy in knowing you
Her to stay: The beauty in perception
Taking form with funky rhythm
Swinging to the beat of
Love's sweet song
As I sense you all around me
While the music flows on.

The Essence in Every Tune

Reaching again thru the fog
The clarity of sound
Distinguishing the beauty
When love was found.
Just once in a life-time
Lives on thru rich song
As I sense you still near me
In the harmony of horn
Pouring out the passions
That had built out home
Blown in the winds of change
Yet the essence in every tune
Gives a warmth in remembering
Those times we merged as one.

Magic Mystery

Such useless energy these memories
Woven in all the tunes
That tie me to the one love,
Connections roaming thru this room
For you turned me onto music,
Jazz fusion filling my home.

Thus each day I call out to you
Thru the magic mystery of poems
To thank you for the gift of song
That warms me to the bones,
And I never feel along
But sense that when I dream of you
Strange waves thru space take form
In the beauty of music
The greatest gift I own.

In Muted Beam

Exploration to chase the Web
In search of strange dreams.
Sax-activated rememberance
Totally an acid scene:
Our love so intense it exploded!

The purity of our union my theme
The undercurrent in each moment
Sneaking thru, in muted beam
Remembering when you held me
Diffusing my brain.

And that passion I treasure
Haunting my dreams
Roaming thru thick rich tunes
Coursing thru the veins.

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