Gregory Davis: Son of Miles

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AAJ: Does little Miles (Miles IV) play an instrument?

GD: No. He's not interested in doing anything like that. He loves cars. He's a good person. He's not involved with music. He listens, but he doesn't play anything. He used to play drums.

AAJ: Is he around New York?

GD: He's in St. Louis. I talked to him recently. I think he's going to move to the west coast where it's warmer. My mother is there also. He enjoys driving his Porsche.

AAJ: Looking back on it all, is there something you miss the most about your father, something you admire the most?

GD: I miss his guidance. I can still tune into him. It may seem strange to you or anybody else. I can still tune into him, get small gifts from him. If I'm at peace, I can tune into him and he can tell me what he wants to tell me and show me things.

When I was a kid we used to play ball together, go to boxing matches, we used to hop in a yellow cab and go to Yankee Stadium. Father and son stuff. He was a real father. He would dress his kids out of Sachs Fifth Avenue. He was a great father. He was successful and he wanted to give it to his kids. That's one reason I know he would not leave his kids out of his will. Of course he would get angry at times. He wouldn't have thought like that or gone forward with anything like that (leaving kids out of the will).

AAJ: You guys had problems at different times in your life, which isn't unusual. But are there any big regrets in that regard?

GD: I regret that I didn't see him—he wanted to see me before he died. He tried to wait on me. I found out that he had been in the hospital for about two months, and they called me two days before he was gone. If that's not some kind of evil, I don't know what is. When a man is on his death bed, you give him his last request.

I'm sorry I didn't see him. He tried to wait. He told his brother (Vernon), who told my friend. That's how I know that Miles said, "Tell Gregory I tried to wait on him.


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