Alan Silva - Kidd Jordan - William Parker: Emancipation Suite #1

Glenn Astarita By

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Recorded live at New York City's prestigious "Vision Festival," three seminal leaders of the modern improvising circuit do their best to enliven our perceptions during this undeniably rousing set. The obvious mark of distinction here resides within Alan Silva's utilization of an orchestra synthesizer that seemingly features an array of wave formats, MIDI sequence files and patches. Silva could be utilizing an older synclavier model, yet the artist exudes a sound and approach that translates into a one-man symphony orchestra. With this release, the trio's liberating improvisational forays are steered by Silva's complex chord progressions and polytonal mosaics. Throughout this 7-part suite, the musicians pursue a rite of passage that is at times, mind-boggling. Tenor sax great Kidd Jordan melds furious exchanges with Silva's grand opuses and massive walls of sound. Once the band gets into the groove on "Part 1," there's no looking back - as Parker anchors the proceedings amid Jordan and Silva's frenzied discourses. Jordan also injects soul drenched lines and melodious hooks into "Part III: Freedom." Ultimately, the trio manages to equate turmoil and upheaval with a comprehensive and well-defined sense of purpose. Strongly Recommended!

Track Listing: 1.Introduction by Patrice Nicholson Emancipation Suite#1 2.Part I: To Free From Bondage 3.Part II: Deliverance 4.Part III: Freedom 5.Part IV: Independence 6.Part V: Liberation 7.Coda

Personnel: Alan Silva: orchestra synthesizer -- Kidd Jordan: tenor saxophone -- William Parker: bass

Title: Emancipation Suite #1 | Year Released: 2002 | Record Label: Boxholder Records


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