Glenn Astarita

Freelance music journalist

About Me

Residing in Nashville since late 2005 (due to hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans area). But originally from New York City. I'm a drummer (but haven't played in years), music journalist and have worked in the technology industry since 1989 as a consultant and engineer. Over the past several years my primary focus is Project Management and freelance music journalism. I also contributed to Downbeat for 6-years: All Music, Jazz Review, Ejazznews, the New Orleans Weekly Gambit, Offbeat, and have covered music festivals and concerts.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-03-28

I was exposed to jazz as a youngster, thanks to my father. I also enjoy writing about free-jazz, electronica, progressive-rock, progressive-metal and world-jazz formats. I enjoy hearing new sounds and in my older age have been exploring young, neo-psyche bands, largely due to the hip young musicians who work at Nashville's eminent LP store, Grimeys. Growing up listening to my father's swing-era LPs along with Sinatra, Dick Haymes and Louie Armstrong, I was bitten by the early prog rock and jazz- fusion movements. For example, when I first saw the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the early 1970's I was blown away, especially since I'm a drummer and was in awe of Billy Cobham and his massive Fibes drumset. Like many others at that time, I became a fan of King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant and even a young, nascent outside jazz artist, Anthony Braxton. These days I tend to focus on newer concepts in jazz and still an ardent fan of nouveau rock concepts. That's it for now: happy listening!

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