Dimitar Karamfilov: Ecology

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Dimitar Karamfilov is a sought after Bulgarian double bassist. Ecology is his debut as a leader. The album addresses one of the common issues of the 21st century—pollution and human irresponsibility. It features some of the well known Bulgarian musicians like drummer Hristo Yotsov, saxophonist Vladimir Karparov (playing soprano), pianist Konstantin Kostov and trumpeter Mihail Yosifov.

Тhe album tops out at 71 minutes. It feels long, it might as well be two separate albums. The opening track hints at Ecology's eclectic nature—one can find hip hop, Bulgarian folk music, straight-ahead, smooth jazz, and funk in it. Even though the album is framed by "Way In" and "Way Out," the solution to unify it is more theoretical than musical. The album contains some strong melodies in "Parmak Bay " and "Ecology." "Bathe Me In Your Dew" is a beautiful interpretation of a traditional folk song, performed here by singer Marina Gospodinova alongside Karpov's impressive saxophone. If you like jams over spoken word and grooves you will find a great example in "Produced Nature (Na Zarezan)"

Overall Ecology is delivered with a high level of musicianship and there are some true musical gems. Long and ununified but honest, musically intense and emotional.

Track Listing

Way In; Parmak Bey; Ecology; When Someone Goes Somewhere; There, Wherever It May Be; Adrenaline From The Unknown; The Oak Tree In The Garden; Bathe Me In Your Dew; Produced Nature (Na Zarezan); A Golden Coin On The Bottom Of The Ocean; Way Out (Ecology Jam)


Dimitar Karamfilov: bass, acoustic; Konstantin Kostov: piano; Hristo Yotsov: drums; Vladimir Karparov: saxophone, soprano; Arnau Garrofe: saxophone, tenor; Mihail Yosifov: trumpet; Alexander Logozarov: guitar; Marina Gospodinova: voice / vocals.

Album information

Title: Ecology | Year Released: 2018 | Record Label: Self Produced



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