Conversation with Scott Colley

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SC: I used to think that going on the road was bad. But now, if I'm working and in town then I realize that being on the road can be like a vacation.

AAJ: Have you changed your touring plans because of your daughter?

SC: Some what. It makes it so that I have to plan way in advance. Much more than I used, to make sure that there's time for the family and time for work. For me it doesn't really work to mix a lot of things. If I've learned anything, it's how to allocate my time so that when I'm working, I'm working, and when I'm with my family, I'm just with them, not trying to mix the two. It becomes frustrating trying to spread your energy to thin. It doesn't work for anybody.

AAJ: Well, on that note, I'll let you get back your vacation. [Laughter] I really appreciate you taking the time and I look forward to hearing your show here in D.C.

[Scott Colley will be playing at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club on September 11th as part of his current tour with Chris Potter. For those in the area, this is a highly recommended show.]
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