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Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons: Beyond The Double Bass

Read "Beyond The Double Bass" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It's often tempting for musicians to project limitations onto an instrument, but in truth, the instrument rarely deserves blame; an instrument, after all, is simply an inanimate object, so it's up to the player to further, extend, and broaden its reach. Musicians looking to do so must master and move beyond standard technique and the stylistic status quo, but anybody who's ever picked up an instrument knows that that's no easy feat. It takes creativity, patience, skill, inspiration, and a ...


Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons: Beyond The Double Bass

Read "Beyond The Double Bass" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The double bass. Everyone knows the double bass--it goes “boom, boom, boom." Sometimes, to paraphrase Sophia Loren, it goes “boom, boody, boom." In the hands of a virtuoso it does so much more than that: it has passion, dynamism, emotion and the power to move the soul. Renaud Garcia-Fons is such a virtuoso and Beyond The Double Bass--a compilation drawn from ten previous albums, with an accompanying DVD documentary--is absolutely superb. Garcia-Fons--who favors a five-string double bass on ...


Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons: Solo: The Marcevol Concert

Read "Solo: The Marcevol Concert" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

In the hands of even the most accomplished professionals, the bass is but a single instrument which happens to serve a few purposes; in the hands of Renaud Garcia-Fons, the bass is a world unto itself. On Solo: The Marcevol Concert, Garcia-Fons demonstrates his singular approach to the instrument on a program of music that's both worldly and wondrous. Andalusian allusions, African accents, Eastern spices, Middle Eastern ideals and more merge in the hands of this beyond category virtuoso.


Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons: La Linea del Sur

Read "La Linea del Sur" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

What would happen if the dense yet lyrical imagery of Garcia Lorca's Romancero Gitano was woven into the aural tapestry of bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons' offering, that traverses Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and America? A bewitching mix of flamenco, Arabic, jazz and Latin-American music would collide, resulting in a perfect offering such as La Linea del Sur. This imaginary journey through the global south is truly mesmerizing. From a compositional point of view, there is something ...


Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio: Arcoluz

Read "Arcoluz" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Renaud Garcia-Fons brings a rare passion and understanding to the bass. His approach is pure genius, seen in the way he styles his pizzicato and in the manner he opens the arco to encompass melodic and improvisatory richness.

Garcia-Fons began playing the bass when he was 16, gravitating to the instrument from the guitar and piano. At first he approached it without a real idea of its functions and possibilities. That changed when he heard Francois ...


Extended Analysis


Read "Arcoluz" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

> Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio ArcoluzEnja/Justin Time2005 Bassist Renaud Garcia Fons hears music polyphonically--in using this term, it is hoped that you will “read" it as the Greeks had intended it to be understood: as music “having many sounds or voices." Listening to almost any of the music Garcia-Fons writes, arranges and plays is like undertaking a fascinating and memorable expedition.

While many musicians employ polyphony, it is extremely rare ...


Album Review

Renaud Garcia-Fons: Entremundo

Read "Entremundo" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons has a few tricks up his sleeve, some of which he reveals in due time on Entremundo. One is the fact that his instrument has five strings, and he makes use of the entire range--which means that a lot of his work sounds like it comes from a cello or even a violin. His playing, mostly bowed, has a rich, vibrant quality that tends to dominate his music--and in a good way--whether he's shredding, waxing lyrical, or ...


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