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Album Review

Natuski Tamura: Summer Tree

Read "Summer Tree" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Natsuki Tamura explodes the conventions of the trumpet. The ironically titled Summer Tree is his fifth solo album though his partner, and here, producer, Satoko Fujii, lends a vocal contribution on one of four extended compositions. Tamura's previous pandemic project, Koki Solo (Libra Records, 2021) was lockdown escapism with an ear toward humor and an eye toward the more resonant utensils in his kitchen. Summer Tree is dark and complex but Tamura's most accessible solo album. Two fully improvised pieces ...


Album Review

Natsuki Tamura: Summer Tree

Read "Summer Tree" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

In 2002, the Natsuki Tamura Quartet released an album called Hada Hada (Libra Records). It sounded as if it was plugged into ten thousand volts, even Tamura's trumpet, and especially Satoko Fujii's synthesizer, in the making of a soundtrack to a “Cyborgs March on the Capitol" movie. And those cyborgs were mad. Odd stuff. In 2022, Tamura goes it solo on Summer Tree, crafting another soundtrack, Covid style, in isolation, in a small recording studio in his apartment in Kobe, ...


Album Review

Natuski Tamura: Ko Ko Ko Ke

Read "Ko Ko Ko Ke" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

You'll never fit trumpeter Natsuki Tamura into any pre-fab category. He creates his own, then pulls you into them with him.Last year's Hada Hada (NatSat'03), featuring a plugged-in Tamura alongside his wife, Satoko Fujii, on synthesizers, howled with electro-nuclear energy, a disc that probably should have been sold with those lead aprons that dentists drape over you to protect the vital parts from x-rays. Ko Ko Ko Ke , on the other hand, takes an hundred and eighty ...


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