Zimbabwe: Shona Mbira Music

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As for the rest, it's a mixture of styles from the relatively traditional to mixed up vocal pieces with different cultural elements thrown into the mbira stew. Among the latter: a country-inflected ballad (yes, and it's a bit scary), harmonized vocals borrowing from the South African isicathamiya tradition, and a helping of West African highlife music. All in all, Talking Mbira comes and goes, but it's always interesting to hear how the artist will make each new cocktail.

There's no doubt that Stella Chiweshe is a talented musician; it's the way she channels her energy that determines her success. In this case, it's mostly hit.

Track Listings

The African Mbira: Music of the Shona People

1. Kana Ndoda Kuramba Murume (When I Want to Split With My Wife or Husband 2. Tipe Tizwe (Give Me a Taste) 3. Misorodzi (Tears) 4. Gumbukumbu 5. Ndini Baba (Respect) 6. Urombo (Poverty, Mourning, Apology, Shame)

Shona Mbira Music

1. Nehamusasa: Instrumental Excerpt I 2. Nehamusasa: Instrumental Excerpt II 3. Nehamusasa: Complete Performance 4. Dande 5. Taireva [Version 1] 6. Nyamaropa Yekutanga 7. Taireva [Version II] 8. Shumba 9. Nyamamusango 10. Chaminuka We

The Soul of Mbira: Traditions of the Shona People

1. Nhemamusasa 2. Taireva 3. Nyamaropa 4. Kuyadya Hove Kune Mozove - Garage Nyamudya 5. Mbiriviri 6. Nhimutimu 7. Nyamaropa Yevana Vavamushonga - Muchatera Mujuru 8. Dangu Rangu - Mubayiwa Bandambira 9. Kumakudo

Talking Mbira

1. Ndabaiwa [Kassahwa Revisited] 2. Chachimurenga [Future Mix] 3. Uchiseka [Laugh About It] 4. Ndangariro [Memories] 5. Musandifungise [Don't Remind Me] 6. Paite Rima [Spiritual Lions] 7. Tapera [We Are Perishing] 8. Nhamoimbiri [Twice Suffering] 9. Manja [Respectful HandS] 10. Huvhimi [the Vision for Hunters]


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