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What's the best way to introduce someone to Jazz?

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Date: 30-Mar-2001 10:05:46
From: Dana ( )
I know that you all probably do this, but I just wanted to reinforce the necessity of supporting high school jazz programs, and exploring jazz even at a middle school level. I was introduced to jazz first through big band type music, mostly Benny Goodman. Actually that's why I started playing clarinet in sixth grade. Luckily I had a great middle school teacher who let me experiment with different instruments and then starting in high school I began my career as a trombonist. :) I joined our jazz band immediately and loved it from the beginning. I tend to agree that for introducing people to jazz that haven't had such a nice buildup as I had, that fusion type music is good because it's not too much of a departure from what they may be accustomed to. I also think it would be a good idea to go with something catchy and melodic, so that it's not very hard to listen to. (I guess that's kind of obvious.) I also like the idea of approaching it from a Latin vein, because I don't think I know anyone who isn't affected by a Latin beat. This energy infused music can be a doorway to improvisational music, so that they can open up straight away to it. I don't really think gender is much of an issue. But I do agree that it may be a good idea to introduce musicians to jazz virtuosity on their instrument. ? :) such as my favorite ever. PAT METHENY. I would have never found Pat Metheny if it hadn't been for my band director, senior year of high school. He also gave me a fabulous sampler from the Verve label, which I love. The influence of my teachers has opened me up to a wide variety of music. :)

Date: 09-Apr-2001 13:05:46
From: jim ( )
I got introduced to Jazz through a workshop of sorts, run by a prominent NPR-based jazz dj in my community. He was very knowledgable about the history, forthcoming about his favorites, and most importantly, willing to part with a self-generated list of must listen to records/cds within certain demarcated categories-like best vocal jazz, or best small group settings. I discovered I had an interest in modal jazz, piano-led groups, or just about anything with a mournful, spiritual or elgeic tone. I have come to love John Hicks, Stanley Cowell, Larry Willis, Bobby Watson, Billy Harper, Trane, of course, and am open to any feedback as to what else I "might" like. I think what helped me get started was an open attitude to be led at first. Now I caqn walk into a Jazz record store without being intimidated or flooded, now I have a guide. Any other recommendations in the aforementioned vein? Thanks.

Date: 15-Apr-2001 23:19:05
From: o.bivins
For modal jazz I would definitely check out McCoy Tyner. A "spiritual" album of his is the 1970 release "Asante." Available on CD. Also check out the 1978 album "Together." And there's the disc "Bon Voyage." All are relatively easy to find. "Bon Voyage" is a Dutch import but I've seen it at major outlets like Tower and Borders

Date: 27-Apr-2001 19:44:53
From: Jack ( )
Can anyone please tell me the origin of the phrase 'One more time once"? I suspect it was Count Basie—can this be confirmed? Place, recording, date etc? Thank you JL

Date: 30-Apr-2001 14:19:55
From: Don ( )
Do any of you know any good websites on saxaphone improv?

Date: 05-May-2001 12:10:17
From: sandra ( )
Thank you for all the comments. I am trying to introduce myself to jazz and this site has been most helpful.

thank you again.


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