Top 25 MP3 Downloads: 2014

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All About Jazz tracks how often a featured MP3 is downloaded, and the following represent our top 25 in 2014. If you missed them the first time around, give them a listen now, and enjoy!

Download 'Duende de Luz' free jazz mp3 1. Duende de Luz (05:34)
By: Javier Alcantara
From: Short Stories (Self Produced)

Download 'Call Me Winter' free jazz mp3 2. Call Me Winter (5:37)
By: Jackie Allen
From: My Favorite Color (Avant Bass)

Download 'Ronin' free jazz mp3 3. Ronin (6:04)
By: B.J. Jansen
From: Ronin (ARC -Artists Recording Collective)

Download 'Midnight Drive' free jazz mp3 4. Midnight Drive (05:04)
By: Jim Hagen
From: Jim Hagen (Self Produced)

Download 'Dresden' free jazz mp3 5. Dresden (04:10)
By: Francesco Lo Castro
From: Chasing Beauty (Flocastro Records)

Download 'Slinky' free jazz mp3 6. Slinky (2:36)
By: Mark Egan
From: About Now (Wavetone Records)

Download 'Theme and Variations' free jazz mp3 7. Theme and Variations (06:34)
By: Matt Ridley
From: Thymos (Whirlwind Recordings Ltd)

Download 'Rio, Choro, Jazz...' free jazz mp3 8. Rio, Choro, Jazz... (04:15)
By: Antonio Adolfo
From: Rio, Choro, Jazz... (AAM Music)

Download 'Fata Morgana' free jazz mp3 9. Fata Morgana (5:16)
By: Cheryl Pyle /Kazhargan World
From: Post Fiction (Dewey Records)

Download 'A Hawkeye, A Hoosier, & Two Cali Cats' free jazz mp3 10. A Hawkeye, A Hoosier, & Two Cali Cats (5:13)
By: Adam Schroeder
From: Let's (Capri Records)

Download 'Dawn' free jazz mp3 11. Dawn (03:04)
By: Alma Micic
From: Tonight (CTA Records)

Download 'Untold Stories' free jazz mp3 12. Untold Stories (6:44)
By: Mark Buselli
From: Untold Stories (Origin Records)

Download 'Between Joy and Consequence (Live)' free jazz mp3 13. Between Joy and Consequence (Live) (10:13)
By: Franklin Kiermyer
From: Further (Mobility Music)

Download 'Kissa i Lé' free jazz mp3 14. Kissa i Lé (04:40)
By: Drayen Labie
From: Kissa i Lé (Self Produced)

Download 'Dawn' free jazz mp3 15. Dawn (03:04)
By: Alma Micic
From: Tonight (CTA Records)

Download 'The Ghosts Of Pumpkins Past ' free jazz mp3 16. The Ghosts Of Pumpkins Past (8:34)
By: Nikolai Panov
From: Cold Spring (Panov Music)

Download 'Grace' free jazz mp3 17. Grace (06:35)
By: Carmen Lundy
From: Soul To Soul (Afrasia)

Download 'Swamp Thang' free jazz mp3 18. Swamp Thang (5:09)
By: Anton Schwartz
From: Flash Mob (AntonJazz)

Download 'The Nearness of You' free jazz mp3 19. The Nearness of You (5:50)
By: Dena Taylor
From: The Nearness of You (Self Produced)

Download 'Freaky Dream ' free jazz mp3 20. Freaky Dream (9:45)
By: Tyler Blanton
From: Gotham (Ottimo Music )

Download 'Fina Estampa' free jazz mp3 21. Fina Estampa (4:25)
By: Juan Pastor
From: Chinchano (ears&eyes Records)

Download 'Two Worlds' free jazz mp3 22. Two Worlds (9:56)
By: Kerry Politzer
From: Below the Surface (PJCE Records)

Download 'Duaji & Guruji' free jazz mp3 23. Duaji & Guruji (6:55)
By: Dewa Budjana
From: Surya Namaskar (Moonjune Records)

Download 'Ghost Dance' free jazz mp3 24. Ghost Dance (7:58)
By: Matt Slocum
From: Black Elk's Dream (Chandra Records)

Download 'The World Begins Today (O.Bogé)' free jazz mp3 25a. The World Begins Today (O.Bogé) (08:42)
By: Olivier Bogé
From: The World Begins Today (Naive)

Download 'In The Dreamworld' free jazz mp3 25b. In The Dreamworld (7:07)
By: Sun Trio
From: In The Dreamworld (Cam Jazz)


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