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View Thomas Fletcher's All About Jazz profile

My musical journey started at the age
of 8 when I first began playing the
saxophone, 12 years on, I now find
myself immersed in an eclectic range
of world music
and styles. I first entered the world of
jazz performing in school jazz bands,
my love for the genre soon blossomed
as I started to understand different
styles of
jazz, one of which I admire thanks to
my grandfather, Bossa Nova.

I currently study at Goldsmiths
University of London where I'm
pursuing a BMus Music degree
specialising in jazz. Living in London is
a great asset for a musician
like myself, especially observing how
the South London jazz scene is
transforming into a wonderful prospect.
My main hobbies are attending jam
listening to concerts in prestigious
venues such as Ronnie Scott's and
performing with the rising stars of the
London jazz scene! Some of my most
concerts which I've attended in the UK
have been from artists such as Chick
Corea, Joshua Redman, Branford
Marsalis and Dave Liebman to name a

Published on: 2019-08-17
View David Dupont's All About Jazz profile

Grew up at a time when you could see Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington & others on TV. My oldest brother loved Brubeck. At 14 I bought
Ellington's "Far East Suite." I was just
starting to play then. Added writing about jazz later. Still listening, writing, & playing on occasion.

Published on: 2019-08-16
View Bill Gagnon's All About Jazz profile

I love jazz because that's where I fit the most.

I was first exposed to jazz at the age of six listening to "Jazz at it's Best" on CBC radio on Saturday mornings.

My first jazz record was Double Quartet with Eric Dolphy and Charlie Haden.

The best show I ever attended was .John Coltrane in Montreal in 1967.

Published on: 2019-07-13
View Philip Rau's All About Jazz profile

I grew up in a household that listened to classical music, so when I became enthralled with jazz after watching the Ken Burns
Jazz series, my parents replicated an age-old generational conflict–hollering at me to turn down those noisy bebop albums I was
playing in my room while they tried to enjoy their Mozart. My first album was Ellington at Newport, I think I listened to that
hundreds of times. Since then, my appreciation for the genre has only grown deeper and wider as I explore everything from the
cheesy electroswing of Caravan Palace to the heavy jazz fusion Kneebody. I love it so much, I've incorporated it into the work
that I did in school, even creating a data visualization based on the Penguin Guide to Jazz's top 1000 albums.

Published on: 2019-06-26
View Laurie Adams's All About Jazz profile

My Grandpa was a drummer in jazz
ensembles. He would bring his bongos
over when he and grandma came to
dinner and sit on the floor and play for
little ones.

At 16, in 1919, my grandma borrowed a
red dress and a tube of red lipstick, as
story goes, and
snuck out of the house to listen to jazz
the local
music hall. That’s where she met
Their eyes met across the room and the
rest is history.

I grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald
Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Tony
Bennett from my parents’ collection. My
brother was playing Led Zeppelin in his
bedroom and I played the Beatles,
Chicago, Aretha Franklin and Traffic.
my daughter took up the cello and my
became immersed in classical music.

My jazz tastes run from Bill Evans to
Coltrane to Krall to the dirtiest funk.

I enjoy discovering new music on
and at festivals and from my daughter

I’m excited about the fantastic young
musicians I’ve been hearing at the
jazz society concerts, look forward to
following their careers while they’re
playing in Sac! I’d like to explore the
Northern California jazz scene outside

Published on: 2019-06-25
View Dave Dubinsky's All About Jazz profile

I love jazz because it defines the word “Freedom!”

Published on: 2019-06-24
View Tim van Emmerloot's All About Jazz profile

I love jazz because it gives me a platform to express myself in music, be innovative and inspire others, be that with compositions, presentation, passion or just working hard!

I was first exposed to jazz in 2016, so pretty recently... However, my ideas and philosophies developed quickly and my curiosity keeps me exploring rhythmic harmonies, language and even concert organisation and management!

The best show I ever attended was The Bad Plus and Or Bareket Quartet. Purely for the passion, the intelligence and the boldness. They make music in their own ways. Especially The Bad Plus is an inspiration, because they bring the rock and roll mindset to jazz and innovate within their own sound.

My advice to new listeners is: Don't get in the mode of "jazz is this or that, jazz is superior". I like the term "improvisational music" more. That's what attracts me the most, anyway... Jazz is FUN and means moving forward (to me). Yes, check out the greats!! But keep in mind that they didn't want for all studying musicians to keep playing what they played, I think they wanted us to move forward and innovate, just like they did.

I try to bring all these things to my group SIMIO... We try to get that rock and roll mindset by just doing what we want. There are too many "standard" records STILL being made! Jazz is about moving forward, coming from a social necessity. Let's continue that spirit! I think music is the tool to change everything. Music connects... Music moves...

Published on: 2019-06-23
View Martin Connolly's All About Jazz profile

I love jazz because the musicians who play it are able to displace the space-time continuum we usually live in. Musicians are magicians.

Published on: 2019-06-22
View George Heid Sr.'s All About Jazz profile

I love jazz because of it's depth of feeling.

I was first exposed to jazz as a child (Pittsburgh Radio - WILY-AM & WAMO-AM.

I met George Benson in the 1960's playing in the Hurricane Bar.

The best show I ever attended was Sun Ra at the Homewood Harambee Ujima Black Arts Festival.

The first jazz record I bought was Cannonball Adderley Greatest Hits (Riverside Records) from early '60s.

My advice to new listeners is listen to the masters: their recordings and performances without distractions. Invite their gift of music into your heart and soul.

Jazz never really went to college. It's from the musical gift of lives that overcame racism.

Published on: 2019-06-21


View JVA's All About Jazz profile

I was first exposed to jazz in 1959 when, as a youngster, I was given the album Hi Fi Drums featuring Buddy Rich, Louis
Bellson, Chuck Flores, Stan Levy, Irv Cottler, Alvin
Stoller and Dave Black... Later, in 1963 I discovered Dave Brubeck's Time Out with Joe Morello. I was hooked. I love the
technical mastery of the greats, the intricate
interplay between musicians, the never ending explorations and
endless creativity. I love the sounds of jazz.

Published on: 2019-06-20

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