Martin Connolly

Writer-musician-professor-bon vivant

About Me

Machrijam is the artist name of Martin Connolly. From Belfast, Ireland. Resident in Japan since early 1990s. Married. Two sons. Present status: Professor at a university in Yokohama, Japan. Has published on James Joyce, medieval literature & contemporary Irish lit, plus in other areas. Has also published a number of works of creative writing, novel, poetry, stories. Released 'Machrijam', debut album in 2015. Solo artist. All compositions original. Now, in 2019, new album is called 'Machrijazz'.

Machrijam plays solo guitar with overdubs. Playing with others sometimes works, but not always.

As a jazz lover & writer, I run a site which provides in-depth reports on gigs by famous names, usually in Tokyo. It can be accessed at:

As a writer of ctreative fiction & poetry, I publish books through Snowchild Press, which can be accessed at:

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-06-22

I love jazz because the musicians who play it are able to displace the space-time continuum we usually live in. Musicians are magicians.

My House Concert Story

I've played a modicum of jazz houses or bars. If playing by myself, OK. If with others, sometimes very good, because they are kind, but it doesn't always work. I'm an inveterate solo-player.

My Favorites

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