Laurie Adams

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-06-25

My Grandpa was a drummer in jazz ensembles. He would bring his bongos over when he and grandma came to dinner and sit on the floor and play for us little ones. At 16, in 1919, my grandma borrowed a red dress and a tube of red lipstick, as the story goes, and snuck out of the house to listen to jazz at the local music hall. That’s where she met grandpa. Their eyes met across the room and the rest is history. I grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Tony Bennett from my parents’ collection. My brother was playing Led Zeppelin in his bedroom and I played the Beatles, Chicago, Aretha Franklin and Traffic. Later, my daughter took up the cello and my life became immersed in classical music. My jazz tastes run from Bill Evans to Coltrane to Krall to the dirtiest funk. I enjoy discovering new music on Spotify and at festivals and from my daughter and friends. I’m excited about the fantastic young musicians I’ve been hearing at the local jazz society concerts, look forward to following their careers while they’re still playing in Sac! I’d like to explore the Northern California jazz scene outside of Sacramento.

My House Concert Story

I enjoy the intimacy of house concerts. I’ve been to a few in the Sacramento area and look forward to more.

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