Alexandra Youth Choir: South African Choral

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Alexandra Youth Choir: South African Choral

This is not Ladysmith Black Mambazo...

South African Choral—Songs of the Alexandra Youth Choir is raw milk when compared to the homogenized product offered by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. From the outset, the most striking comparison is that the Alexandra Youth Choir is to Ladysmith Black Mambazo as Muddy Water was to B.B. King. That is each belongs in the same musical realm as the other but exist at opposite poles of refinement and mainstream viability. South African Choral is an exuberant example of where American Gospel came from. This is music of great energy and emotion, unencumbered by commercial exploitation. Highly recommended to all interested in South African music.

Track Listing: Uyameneza; Wena Malindi Unngawami; Kunothixo Omkhulu; Wandibiza Umngoma; Baba Baxolele; Valani Ezongango; Shapa Inbiza; Namhlange; Ene Eli Ntale; Redibbini; Kemokate; Dumelang; Saka-Band; Lons Bontate; Intombi Ikhaklelu Sakazange; Nansi Lentombi; Ayo Ayo; I Want To See; Toffolux; Nkosi Sikelela. (Total Time: 50:52).

Personnel: Alexandra Youth Choir.

Title: South African Choral | Year Released: 2002


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