Rebecca Angel: Santa Baby

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Track review of "Santa Baby"

Vocalist Rebecca Angel turns in a humid, if chaste, reading of the Joan Javits / Philip and Anthony Springer chestnut "Santa Baby." Bassist Reggie Washington provides a full-throated walk-in intro that evolves into a plush sonic wonderland cushioned with Jason Miles' slippery Hammond B3 playing buffeted with electric piano support. Dennis Angel blows a wintery mix on the flugelhorn while daughter Rebecca sings with an almost wholesome conviction, leaving just enough wiggle room to give a clandestine wink.

It would be interesting to learn where such a great song and superbly playful and sensual performance stands in the neighborhood of the silly and misguided centennial angst surrounding the Frank Loesser classic "Baby It's Cold Outside." Surely there is some splintered, humorless faction out there that objects to the frank materialism and sexual manipulation of "Santa Baby." If so, then someone needs a nap. Good show, Rebecca Angel, on an excellent rendition of this holiday classic.

Track Listing

Santa Baby


Rebecca Angel: vocals; Dennis Angel: flugelhorn; Jason Miles: electric piano, Hammond B3; Jonah Pendergast: guitar; Reggie Washington: bass; Brian Dunn: drums.

Album information

Title: Santa Baby | Year Released: 2019 | Record Label: Timeless Groove Records


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