MaryLynn Gillaspie

MaryLynn Gillaspie

Musicians | Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: Denver

As it stands now... MaryLynn’s return to full length 'vinyl' (euphemistically speaking) is the stand out jazz album of the year from Colorado. It’s great to hear that voice again...
—Chris K’s Colorado Playlist

Updated: July 1, 2022

Born: February 1

MaryLynn was a founding member of the Grammy nominated vocal jazz group, Rare Silk. The group got their start in Boulder, CO. Their very first album, New Weave flew to the top of the Billboard Jazz charts and received 2 Grammy nominations. MaryLynn and the group toured the world singing in the US, Europe and Japan. Rare Silk received acclaim working alongside artists such as Miles Davis, Branford Marsalis, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, and as an opening act for Spyro Gyra and BB King. Their touring took them to some of the best venues in the country - The Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Blues Alley in DC, New York Jazz clubs, and Boston Globe Jazz Festival, to name a few. Her experience working within this environment gives MaryLynn a rich history in the Jazz idiom.

MaryLynn’s return to singing began about 11 years ago. She performs locally at Suter Du Bose’s Caffe Sole and in Denver with different musical configurations. Her self-produced CD ‘Starlight’ received solid airplay on Denver’s Jazz station KUVO.

‘Secret Language’ :: Album release 2022 New release ‘Secret Language’ is receiving nearly daily airplay on KUVO Jazz Radio. From MaryLynn: I am beyond thrilled to have recently released my long-held dream of recording a professionally produced album with my dear friend and Producer, Kip Kuepper at Coupe Studios in Boulder. This is a collaboration fueled by many years of living within and loving the music that sings from my heart. This is not a ‘standards’ album ≈ it is an expression that stems from listening and performing… experimenting within the many modes of the music we call Jazz. I call this album ‘heavily Jazz-influenced’, as the range and scope of the music will take you on a journey perhaps unexpected. It’s also kinda ‘vibey’, which I dig! Five of the tunes feature lyrics I’ve written to existing tunes by Herbie Hancock, Mike Stern, Pat Matheny, Michael Schuller, and Kip Kuepper. Kip’s influence has been profound, and our collaboration has only deepened our friendship, both in music and in life. All in all, this one’s been called my ‘Swan Song’ (although, word is there’s more music coming…), and I hope you’ll decide to join me on my journey. Let’s take a little trip (it’s on the album!)…


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From Chris Kresge’s (Chris K’s Colorado Playlist) review :

"As it stands now, on May 15 2022, MaryLynn’s return to full length “vinyl” (euphemistically speaking) is the stand out jazz album of the year from Colorado. It’s great to hear that voice again after more than THIRTY-FIVE years.”

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