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From complex, sophisticated musical patterns to abstract, precisely minimalist compositions,Forests of Sound celebrates music for thought–here be raucous post-punk interrogations of linearity, deep funk epiphanies, cranium bewitching ambiences and multi-layered Pop. The term 'Umlilo' is isiZulu and Setswana (South African, unrelated languages) for fire, in Shona (Zimbabwean) it means fire also. Forests of Sound is about fire music, in all her guises.


Givan Lotz and the phenomenal psyche

Read "Givan Lotz and the phenomenal psyche" reviewed by Mick Raubenheimer

Givan Lotz is mysterioso. During the course of eight years as a recording and performing artist he has evaded any kind of viable categorization, each new release effortlessly slips free of perceived prior apprehensions. His most recent release, YaW, is the sonic sibling of 2016's MAW, both released through Miami's Other Electricities label. When I first encountered Lotz' music, I was transfixed. Touring with the South African collective Jaunted Haunts press, he performed mesmerizing, cyclical pieces ...


Benguela: Cape Town Improv Trio

Read "Benguela: Cape Town Improv Trio" reviewed by Mick Raubenheimer

The ambient, chugging drone becomes slow frothing waves on which a misty guitar loop bobs. The ocean scape is cloudy--blurred browns and deep, shifting blues. The droning bass strings become clear as they pluck into focus, percussion slipping in like sudden, calculated sprays of foam. Alex Bozas' guitar introduces matt flashes, like sampled photographs of urban scenes--everyday transactions between people and streets; automobiles carrying mystery packages; sun dried smiles. Ross Campbell's drums conduct the flow of energy between bass and ...


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