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Cecilia Smith: Dark Triumph: The Life of Victoria Lancaster Smith

Read "Dark Triumph: The Life of Victoria Lancaster Smith" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

For some reason, after listening to Dark Triumph, I am reminded of a 1967 Impulse! album by Oliver Nelson titled Musical Tribute to JFK: The Kennedy Dream. Although it took Nelson several years to compose and record original material to memorialize the Kennedy White House years, his use of soundbites from JFK's speeches, mingled with his own musical works, served to further remember the Kennedy years in the aftermath of the asssassination. What was most striking was Nelson's use of ...


Cecilia Smith: Dark Triumph

Read "Dark Triumph" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Victoria L. Smith was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1931. She was the first black nurse hired in St Charles Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. She served in the Red Cross and the Peace Corps. By the measure of fame and popular recognition, she is an ordinary woman, but by another measure--the real and truthful one--she is an exceptional human being.As an African-American born in her time in history, Victoria L. Smith was the victim of the American soul's ...

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