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Rossano Sportiello Trio at The Jazz Corner

Read "Rossano Sportiello Trio at The Jazz Corner" reviewed by Martin McFie

Rossano Sportiello Trio The Jazz Corner Hilton Head Island, SC December 22, 2017 Rossano Sportiello from Milan showed the elegance and deft touch of a concert pianist Friday, December 22nd at the Jazz Corner on Hilton Head Island. He plays softly, modulating the volume only when the piece demanded to define a statement. Sportiello is known for the powerful bouncing left hand stride piano style and played a rousing version of the ...


Rossano Sportiello: Piano on My Mind

Read "Piano on My Mind" reviewed by Robert R. Calder

Eastwood Lane was an American pastoral woodland that composer Bix Beiderbecke admired; his “Down Stream" opens this solo second CD by the young Italian pianist Rossano Sportiello as a peaceful atmospheric etude. “Blowin' Up" is the pianist's own, featuring a boppish theme with a running left hand. It slips into a string of ballads, “You Took Advantage of Me" to “The Best Thing for You," causing a sparkle without ruffling the mood. After the ballads comes a piece in medium ...


Rossano Sportiello: Milano Stride Piano

Read "Rossano Sportiello: Milano Stride Piano" reviewed by Robert R. Calder

Starbucks Edinburgh Jazz Festival The Hub Edinburgh August 6, 2005The cliches supplied in the programme blurb about this concert were wrong. The pianist isn't an Earl Hines-Jelly Roll Morton specialist. He's been a pupil of Barry Harris, and his music includes beside a Dave McKenna walking left hand some bebop, and Harlem stride from Clarence Profit back to Luckey Roberts — both under-recorded masters of the fine gradation of touch Rossano Sportiello has.

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