Paradox Trio - The Balkan Side of Downtown NYC

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At some point in the '90s Balkan-tinged jazz was all the rage in the downtown scene that gravitated around the Knitting Factory and the Bell Café. Whereas many of the bands that were at the forefront of that movement are gone, a quarter century later, the Paradox Trio and its unique blend of jazz and creative improvisation with the melodies, modes, and rhythms of Balkan, klezmer, Celtic, and Gypsy folk music traditions are stronger than ever. Featuring Matt Darriau on woodwinds, Rufus Cappadocia on cello, Brad Shepik on guitar and Seido Salifoski on percussion, the Paradox Trio never fails to deliver its infectious brand of intricate, shape-shifting melodic lines and positive energy.

This mixtape features highlights from the discography of the Paradox Trio.

Happy listening!

  • Paradox Trio "Cocek i Gong" Gambit (Enja) 0:00
  • Paradox Trio "Faux Clarinet With Glass" Matt Darriau Paradox Trio with Bojan Z (Felmay) 12:00
  • Paradox Trio "Zdravo" Matt Darriau Paradox Trio with Bojan Z (Felmay) 18:46
  • Paradox Trio "Point" Gambit (Enja) 23:05
  • Paradox Trio "Paidushko" Gambit (Enja) 28:52
  • Paradox Trio "Sand" Flying at a Slant (Knitting Factory) 34:30
  • Paradox Trio "Rythme Bulgare #2" Flying at a Slant (Knitting Factory) 40:40


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