The GroovaLottos

The GroovaLottos

Musicians | Instrument: Band/orchestra | Location: Boston

'Do You Mind (If We Dance With Your Dates)' is light soul pop. High harmony vocals over pulsating organs and drums become good catchy fun. Once the listener gets beyond their comedic lyrics, he can appreciate the multitude of rushing organ notes and chords that do their own funky dance of sound.
—Bill Copeland,

Updated: August 22, 2022

Active since: March 14, 2011


1. The GroovaLottos are a soul-funk jam band, formed in 2009 by veteran touring and studio session players and singers; who’s resumes included Motown, Wilson Pickett, Rufus Thomas, Howlin’ Wolf, and Angie Stone. Now, as a merry band of frontmen, they turn every show into a party, and every party into a revival.

2. The band is built around a prescribed musical philosophy and work ethic, allowing for personnel changes without sacrificing quality.

3. The band loves playing festivals and concerts, but smaller venues where they can engage and interact with the audience are their favorite types of gigs.

4. The current line up consists of core members: Mwalim, keyboards & vocals; Chuck V., bass, guitar, and vocals; and The ZYG 808, drums, percussion, vibraphone, and vocals. Also in the crew is vocalist & percussionist, Shadowmaster; and bassist, Richard Johnson.

5. Their 2016 debut single “Do You Mind…?” spent 41 weeks in the top ten of the Indie Blues/Americana charts. Their debut album, “Ask Yo’ Mama” earned 4 Grammy nominations in Pop and R&B in one year and 2 nominations in Rock and R&B the following year.

6. The current drummer, The ZYG 808 was the star pupil of the band’s founding drummer, the late Eddie Ray Johnson.

7. The GroovaLottos are looking to work with and produce other artists in various genres. They are the house session band, and staff producers for Polyphonic Studios in Buzzard’s Bay Massachsetts, owned by band keyboardist, Mwalim.


Master classes in performance and band development. Professional development workshops for elementary and secondary school music teachers. After-school bands and ensembles with middle and high school musicians. Professional development workshops for aspiring and early career musicians. Master classes in songwriting and music production. For non-profit organizations within the New England States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut), the GroovaLottos are on the NEFA Touring Roster. There are NEST (New England State Touring) funds are available to help with the costs of programming. For more info, visit

The band, along with some friends formed Song Keepers, LTD (SKL), a non-profit 501c3, professional arts and education organization. The mission of Song Keepers is to preserve and continue traditional and contemporary Native American music, including soul, funk and the blues. The organization engages in such community activities as Alcohol-Free concerts and dances in community spaces, as well as music and media education programs with schools and community programs for youth and adults. Song Keepers is currently working with the Mashpee Public Schools and Indian Education program to develop and after-school jazz band for middle and high school students.

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"A Few moments into their show and it is obvious that these gentlemen play with their souls instead of their hands; and this was going to be an experience." - Michelle McGruder - Black Ice Entertainment

"If your band had a Saturday morning cartoon, what would the theme song be? If you were present for a bar- fight, what would be playing in the background? Can you describe your band's show in six words? How do you describe your relationship with your soulmate?

The first four songs on The GroovaLottos album, "MAMA's HAMPER - Pure Phunk", are their answers to these questions. The album is the result of a survey of GroovaLottos fans, asking them to name their favorite, original songs from the band's performances. The top eight selections ended up on the album. "We let the fans be our A&R directors for this one," explained GroovaLotto drummer and Polyphonic Studios staff engineer, The ZYG 808." - A.A. Cristi in Broadway World

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