Steve Hirsh

Steve Hirsh

Musicians | Instrument: Drums | Location: Minneapolis

Steve is like a fusion powered washing machine, or helicopter or a wildly, but with taste whirling unknown planet closer to the middle of our galaxy. Wonderful the way he plays. Like everyone there he means it.
—George Cartwright

Updated: December 22, 2022

Born: November 9, 1955

Steve Hirsh plays improvised music on the drumset. He's been leading improvising ensembles around Minnesota's Twin Cities for years, as well as being a regular participant on New York City's downtown scene, and performing in a variety of locales. He has had the great good fortune to perform and play with some extraordinary musicians, including William Parker, Joel Futterman, Matthew Shipp, Ivo Perelman, Anthony Cox, George Cartwright, Douglas Ewart, Luke Stewart, Eri Yamamoto, Zoh Amba, Steve Swell, Dave Sewelson, Mara Rosenbloom and Gabby Fluke-Mogul. He has appeared on a number of recordings on the Mahakala Music label. Hirsh endorses Canopus drums and Bosphorus cymbals.

Born and raised in New York City, Hirsh now makes his home in the woods of Northern Minnesota.

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"This is possibly one of the best lineups you’ll ever see in modern free jazz today. The classically trained pianist Eri Yamamoto is joined by the living legend that is William Parker on bass, saxophonist extraordinaire Chad Fowler and intuitive percussionist Steve Hirsh on drums. Together, they created a series of joyous post-bop improvisations that Sonny Rollins or Charles Mingus would be proud of." "The cascading rhythms Hirsh lays down are a progressive force." " Yamamoto, Fowler, Parker, and Hirsh make one hell of an ensemble and I hope they kick the tires and light it up again." "The nearly two hours of instant composing from Futterman's piano and Hirsh's drum kit were obviously produced by sentient beings but, just as less complex organisms such as trees (which many believe to have no consciousness) can cooperate to seek sunlight and nutrients, the duo creates and nurtures sound without the appearance of separate selves

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