Marek Konarski

Marek Konarski

Instrument: Saxophone | Location: Poznan

Marek is a powerhouse saxophone player. I get the feeling that there is nothing that he can’t do. The album has so many influences like classical, folk and jazz. Marek sings through his instrument with masterful intonation.
—Jerry Bergonzi

Updated: April 7, 2021

Born: April 20, 1992

A saxophonist characterized by a warm and deep sound, recognizable phrase and extraordinary musical sensitivity. Active on the European scene, both as a leader and a member of many projects. His improvisations are energetic and full of lyricism. They are influenced by Scandinavian music, Polish folk music and be-bop.

Since 2006 he has attended classes at the “Small Academy of Jazz” run by Boguław Dziekański and “Jazz Club Pod Filarami” in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. This extraordinary form of education spurred his passion for jazz music. Currently, Marek Konarski is the youngest lucterer in the project.

In 2011, he moved to Denmark to study at the Syddansk Musik Konservatorium . Since then he has been cooperating with the Great Danish-Swedish rhythm section: Carl Winter-piano, Johnny Aman – double bass, Anders Mogensen – drums, with whom he performs in Europe to this day.

In 2012, with the Tone Raw band, he became the laureate of the Jazz Phonographic Debut competition organized by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw. The band recorded his debut album “Tone Raw” for SOS Music, which was rated very well by critics. The album received four stars in the prestigious “Jazz Forum” magazine. Apart from the saxophonist, the band was composed of: Sebastian Zawadzki – piano, Thomas Kolarczyk – double bass, Kuba Gudz – percussion

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