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Fredrik Ljungkvist was born in Kristinehamn in Sweden 1969. Brought up in a musical home (his father is a saxophoneplayer as well) he early chosed the path to music. He moved to Stockholm -89 to studie at the Royal Academy of Music and played with some of the leading bands in Stockholm as, Fredrik Norén Band, Lina Nyberg group and Per "Texas" Johansson band. In 1993 he formed his own group (Fredrik Ljungkvist quartet) that also released two CDs (Falling papers 1995 and Sonic space 1997).

Fredrik Ljungkvist is considered one of Swedens most talented and interesting saxophoneplayers right now. His expressive and sensitive playing has impressed the audience and press all over the world. With different constellations he has played in Scandinavia, Canada, South Africa, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Scottland, Morocco, Portugal, France, among others. In may 2001, he will recieve the "Jazz kannan" as the musician of the year from the Swedish Jazz Society. In September 2000 he composed a 30 minutes long piece for the Pipeline project, a collaboration between 16 Swedish and American musicians on initiative by the Svenska Rikskonserter. The piece was performed in Chicago and Sweden.

He has during the last 10 years participated on over 30 jazz-albums and played together with musicians as, Roland Kejser, Anders Jormin, Mats Gustafsson, John Taylor, Petur Island �-stlund, Joakim Milder, Marc Ducret,Bobo Stensson, Raymond Stridh, Lina Nyberg and Axel Dörner amongst others. He is a member of the groups : LSB, Per "Texas" Johansson band , Fire House, Ken Vandermark�'s Territory Band, Parish and the norwegian band Atomic.


Inside Out: "Try this" (tap rec.) "Extra, extra" (tap rec.) Fredrik Ljungkvist Quartet: "Fallin�' Papers" (dragon records) "Sonic Space" (prophone records) Fredrik Norén Band: "One day in may" (mirrors) Lina Nyberg: "So many stars" (prophone rec.) "Open" (prophone rec.) Per"Texas"Johansson: "Alla mina kompisar" (Kaza records/EMI) "Man kan lika gärna leva" (Kaza rec./EMI) Harald Svensson: "Vanished in blue" (caprice records) Jan Levander: Oktett "Musaik" (dragon rec.) Klas Nevrin: "Fancy Machine" (dragon rec.) Anders Jormin: "Silvae" (dragon rec.) Jazz Furniture: "Jazz i Sverige -94" (caprice rec.) Mats Gustafsson: "Hidros One" (caprice rec.) LSB: "Walk, Stop, Look and Walk" (crazy wisdom) Berthling/Ljungkvist/Sandell "Live at Umeå Jazzfestival" (Lj rec) Position Alpha "Yeti" (dragon rec.) Petur �-stlund "Power Flower" (jazzis rec.) Jerker Lindström "April in Täby" (caprice rec.) Sounds -99 (blue tower rec.) Jan Levander "For trio and ten piece band" (alice rec.) Lina Nyberg "Brasilien" (prophone rec.) Lindha Svantesson "Jazz i Sverige"(caprice rec.) Atomic "Feet Music" (jazzland) Per "Texas" Johansson: "Holon" (Kaza/EMI Rec.) Jan Levanders Oktett: "Spion för en främmande makt" (prophone rec.) Per "Texas" Johansson: Per "Texas" Johansson (kaza/EMI rec.) Territory Band 2 ”Atlas” (okka disc) Per Henrik Wallin and his Gang ”Tiveden” (Phono Suecia) Atomic ”Boom boom” (jazzland/universal) LSB ”Fungus” (Moserobie Records) Parish "Rica" (Challenge Records) Fredrik Ljungkvist "Yun Kan 12345" (caprice rec.) Atomic / School Days "Nuclear Assembly Hall" (Okkadisk) Firehouse "Live at Glenn Miller" (ayler rec.) Per Henrik Wallin and his gang "Mandelstam" (Moserobie) Territory Band 3 "Map theory" (okka disk) Mats Eilertsen "Turanga" (challenge rec.)


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