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Dynamically fusing stylistic ideas from his classical background and a distinctive flair for melody and jazz improvisation with today’s freshest cutting edge dance vibes, David Longoria builds upon the momentum of his Latin-driven 2013 album Baila! with his groundbreaking new album The Journey. 

Bookending the collection with two unique versions of “Angels,” a 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards winner for Best EDM Song, the versatile trumpeter and composer goes on a full throttle exploration of his hybrid sound. David jokes about the invention of TDM (Trumpet Dance Music) as a new sub genre. Two years in the making, it’s a unique, one of a kind album that showcases Longoria’s horn playing amidst a high energy, rhythmic EDM soundscape.

“Like many of the jazz musicians I grew up admiring, including Miles Davis, I’m always looking to create musical ideas and sounds that haven’t been done before and that are relevant to what’s happening today,” David says. “EDM is everywhere these days, but the people listening and dancing to it may not know how well it works with jazz and instrumental pop. I wanted to introduce to them just what a live trumpet can do with catchy, accessible melodies. I knew people would be interested in the sound, but I wanted to make it the foundation of a concept that tied every tune together. There’s one thing we all have in common – we’re all on a journey. Our lives are full of milestones and intersections at all kinds of points, and I wanted to create a musical representation of those. The Journey is your life.”

The album starts and ends with “Angels.” There is a dance version that launches the album combining a baroque style trumpet along with EDM. It has a triumphant holiday-like fanfare with a modern driving beat. To David, this version represents the time before we were born. The album finishes with the same melodies but in a reprise form and without a beat. “It’s a little ethereal as it represents the afterlife,” he says. The spiritual theme continues on ‘Genesis,’ which is a musical version of your beginning. One note combines with another to start dividing as cells do in our creation. After a bit of building, a heartbeat appears and musically you can tell the themes are very unique, illustrating your blueprint of originality.” The compelling album cover, shot by Michael Jackson’s former photographer Harrison Funk in the desert outside Las Vegas, represents both Longoria’s ambitious quest and that of every person to find his or her purpose amidst a choice of pathways. 

The emotional and spiritual centerpiece of The Journey is the powerful vocal anthem “We Are One,” a call for unity in a time of great division that was inspired by David’s realization that it had been 30 years since Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote “We Are The World” to create global awareness of famine in Africa.

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"The tone of his trumpet is reminiscent of that of both Herb Alpert and Arturo Sandoval. He is an exceptional trumpet player and he demonstrates his expertise continually with each song that he performs. He is also a very skilled vocalist who communicates wonderfully with an audience. " - Katrina-Casey Wheeler, Jazzreview.com (Jun 05, 2008)

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Album Discography

Recordings: As Leader | As Sideperson


Del Oro Music


Deeper Love

Cristal Records


Loving Life (featuring Chris Standring)

From: Baila!
By David Longoria



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