Cynthia Basinet

Cynthia Basinet

Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: Nashville

Basinet's voice itself is an instrument. In terms of emotional power, its a lethal weapon. Sensual, emotionally damaged and world-weary...

Updated: October 18, 2021

Born: May 19

Nobel Peace Prize nominated and critically acclaimed self-released singer, actress, activist. Best known for her version of "Santa Baby" (oft-miscredited to Marilyn Monroe and influencing nearly ever artist who has re-recorded the song since 2000. Featured in soundtracks from "Party Monster" to CBS's "NCIS LA") She is compared to artists ranging from Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day to Jamie Cullum, Harry Connick Jr, Madeline Peyroux, Al Jarreau, Amy Winehouse, Oleta Adams and more.

Cynthia (who is often called “C” by her friends) has had a colorful and successful life in several fields, and she is just getting started. She is an exquisite and glamorous singer with a highly expressive voice and a real feel for American standards. Her most recent full length CD, "The Standard" features a haunting arrangement by Lee Musiker of “Cry Me A River”. She has combined forces with Lee on several of her releases including, "Its Only A Paper Moon" and "The Christmas Song".

“I was raised on jazz,” says Ms. Basinet. “My Dad used to play records by Ella, John Coltrane and many others. In fact, my mother has said that I heard jazz while still in my womb.” Born in the San Fernando Valley, she was raised in the Silicon Valley near San Francisco. Classically trained on flute and saxophone (playing first chair in her school bands),she also sang opera while loving the American popular songbook.

After studying sociology and business in college, Cynthia’s life took a different turn. She married, gave birth to a son, Jonathan and divorced. She was discovered and became a model, working in San Francisco and for five years in Europe. While she performed in music videos and advertisements, she did not have many opportunities to sing while in Europe. After moving back to Los Angeles in 1990, she appeared in music videos by Roy Orbison and the Babys, and made the natural transition from modeling to commercials to acting. But tiring of playing roles written by others, she acted out on her desire to become a singer. Cynthia’s natural musical abilities, along with a very good vocal coach, resulted in her making her first recordings including the now iconic, “Santa Baby” in 1997 and two years later founding the Welcome To Dreamsville label.

In 2000, Cynthia Basinet launched her previously recorded version of “Santa Baby” that caused a sensation. “It cost $300 to produce as it was originally a gift for a lover, then launched on a used computer via and in less than six weeks it was heard in 163 countries. I used to have Eartha Kitt’s famous recording on my answering machine around Christmas time. Oddly enough, a lot of people think it is Marilyn Monroe on my version although Marilyn never sang it resulting in stampede of Marilyn impersonations and versions.” In reality, Cynthia Basinet’s memorable rendition sounds very much like herself, full of inner heat and sensuality.

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"What a knock out!" -Dick Hughes, Jazz Action Productions

"Excellent artist and songs." -Wyn Machon, Oamaru Heritage Radio

"The sound of your voice is a pearl to my ear!." -Paul van Kuik, Radio 0162

"American Actress Cynthia Basinet truly uncovers her talents with this EP 4 track offering on UNCOVERED. She's got the looks, style, and ability to deliver a tune. A class act!" -Helen Simons, The JazzXpress Caravan Jazz Radio 94.1FM Australia

"...This EP is definitely a keeper, and with another EP and a full length album out there, there's plenty more Cynthia Basinet to get your teeth into. Go forth and enjoy." -Zeitgeist UK

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