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Collettivo Apostrophe

Collettivo Apostrophe: Marco Giaccaria (flutes, violin, bouzouki), Eugenio Mirti (acoustic and electric guitars), Sergio Ponti (drums)


Around 2012 Christmas time I was living a bizarre artistic life: my main musical project, Ropa11, was (and still is) stopped because of the success of Paolo Inserra, the drummer, that was hired to play with the famous Italian pop band Baustelle. So now he is very busy and it’s very difficult to plane new projects with our band. At the same time my long term collaboration with Jazzit magazine gave me the chance (and still gives me) to hear billions of records, leaving me two kind of feelings: 1) In case of beautiful records, I am left sad with no self-esteem left at all or 2) in case of horrible or unuseful records I am left worried that my work could be filed this way! So it has passed a long period of artistic holiday during wich I spent a lot of time in teaching, I became the proud dad of two daughters and I’ve done many other beautiful things without an urge to communicate. So finally Christmas time 2012 arrived; I had knew Sergio Ponti in a music school where we both worked in, and since I am an admirer of his style and of his deep musical culture, I wanted to create the chance to play together. It was very exciting to know that he is a rock metal drummer with a deep knowledge of progressive rock: in fact I wanted to avoid to be closed in a trite jazzy aesthetic. Besides we were both collaborating for a school project with Marco Giaccaria, a multi-instrumentalist fond of ethnic music, a deep follower of Zappa, prog rock and many other musical languages. The idea to mix a fake jazz and rock guitar player as I am, a metal drummer and a flautist-violinist-bouzuki player with an avant-garde background was really thrilling. What fascinated me the most was knowing that Marco is also a very good composer and arranger, so I could rely also on his writing skills. Usually when nowadays jazz bands meet it is always for a specific purpose: generally it is a gig or a record. I am very happy because Collettivo Apostrophe (the name of our trio, an evident tribute to Frank Zappa) rehearsed for more than six months without any specific reason, trying to develop an original sound and our potentiality and having a lot of good time as well. Finally we decided to record a CD, after a very beautiful show in May 2013, with eight original tracks. The stated purpose was to surprise ourselves and try to make a very original music. Listeners will tell if it’s been worth the effort, but I feel proud and happy because “Sempre più lontano” is certainly surprising. Exactly what we wanted to do.

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Sempre più lontano

Musica Mancina



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