Christophe Gervot

Christophe Gervot

Instrument: Piano | Location: Nantes

Updated: September 7, 2021

Born: March 23, 1968

Welcome to Christophe Gervot's musician page ! He lives and works in F-44780 Missillac, French Republic. He is a pianist (he sudied piano and singing with his personal teacher from 1976 to 1988 and was graduated several times from the “Concours national de Musique” and once from the “Concours de Piano Madeleine de Valmalète”), and a keybordist. He studied flute, singing and percussion instruments during 4 years too at middle school and was awarded the Diplôme national du Brevet des collèges. He is a composer, a lyricist and a performer, and sometimes reads texts of literary heritage. Christophe Gervot is also a psychoanalyst, a writer, a plastic and video artist from concept art, a translator and a trainer. He was trained and/or graduated in Arts, Comunication, Languages, Literatures and cultural studdies, Europan studdies, Psychoanalysis, French Literature, digital literature, plastic arts, applied art, Art, Art and ideas, Art and power, Art and feminist engagements, Art and digital (video, musical and choreographic) creation, video creation, electroacoustic composition, musicology and photography. Photos on this musician page by Christophe Gervot. Christophe Gervot, 2020-06-22. All rights reserved. Siret n° 45302589200036. > Shop his music from / Bienvenue sur la page de Christophe Gervot, musicien ! Il habite et travaille à F-44780 Missillac, République française

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Dusk tempo variations 4

From: Dusk tempo variations
By Christophe Gervot

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