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Album Review

Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne: Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne Volume 2

Read "Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne Volume 2" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

In the enchanting realm of musical collaboration, Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne Volume 2 emerges as a tantalizing sequel to their inaugural rendezvous. This second installment in their creative escapade not only builds upon their initial fusion of jazz and electronic experimentation but also pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration with an audacious flair. Matthew Bourne, the maestro of keys, gracefully pirouettes between piano and Memory Moog, effortlessly blurring the lines between foreground and background. Each ensemble member, like ...

Album Review

Shiver & Matthew Bourne: Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne Volume 1

Read "Shiver Meets Matthew Bourne Volume 1" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This compelling collaboration merges the distinctive styles of two extraordinary artists: the trio Shiver and acoustic-electric keyboardist Matthew Bourne. The album is a mesmerizing journey through diverse musical landscapes, blending electronic elements with jazz influences innovatively and refreshingly.The tracks on this album emphasize an impressive range of sonic textures and experimental sounds. Shiver's mastery of electronic music production intertwines seamlessly with Matthew Bourne's unique approach to jazz, resulting in an entrancing fusion of disparate sounds and styles. The ...

Album Review

Pat Thomas / Chris Sharkey / Luke Reddin-Williams: Know: Delirium Atom Paths

Read "Know: Delirium Atom Paths" reviewed by John Sharpe

Anyone wondering what a mash up between Sun Ra and Krautrock pioneers like Tangerine Dream might sound like? Delirium Atom Paths supplies one possible answer. The product of an encounter between the esteemed veteran Pat Thomas on keyboards and two representatives of a younger generation in guitarist Chris Sharkey and drummer Luke Reddin-Williams, the unbroken 44-minute album presents a kaleidoscopic extravaganza of overlapping electronic textures and shifting beats. Thomas should need no introduction. A multifaceted artist equally at ...

Album Review

Pat Thomas Chris Sharkey Luke Reddin-Williams: Know: Delirium Atom Paths

Read "Know: Delirium Atom Paths" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Delirium Atom Paths sounds exactly as one might hope, expect, or suspect the willing abandon of UK master innovator, keyboardist Pat Thomas, guitarist Chris Sharkey, and drummer Luke Reddin-Williams to sound like: a fearless dialogue of ideas without dogma, ambitions without greed, creation without regret. Captured live at Leeds at the big bang moment in March 2020, the trio immediately sets out to render the ambiguous mute. To head off directly into the pandemic future and hold it ...

Album Review

The Geordie Approach: Shields

Read "Shields" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Two Norwegians and a Geordie—the nickname for someone from an area of North East England--excel at semi-structured and largely improvised acoustic-electric works, and celebrate their first album for this multi-dimensional UK-based record label that is unrestricted by any musical boundaries. Therefore, the trio straddles avant-garde, ambient-electronica, and other EFX-framed offshoots. However, they defy tradition because of drummer Ståle Birkeland's asymmetrical timekeeping and pulsing beats, which are not commonplace in cosmic, textural, and colorific electronica outings. Basically, the unbalanced cadences drive ...

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