Musicians | Instrument: Band / orchestra | Location: Chicago

Updated: May 31, 2023

Active since: 2015

Hailing from Chicago, Bowmanville strives to bring the hip sensibilities of Hot Club Jazz from 1930s Paris mingled with the influences born of Chicago’s global crossroads to a wider audience. Led by violinist Ethan Adelsman, with Graham Nelson on harmonica/vocals, Noah Plotkin on drums, Oliver Horton on bass, and Mason Jiller on guitar, the group draws inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds to push the boundaries of their craft, thrilling audiences nationally. Creating a simmering synergy of vibrant bouncing sound that crackles with electric energy, Bowmanville leaves listeners always hungry for more.


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Bowmanville has [the] ability to swing the living hell out of whatever they do.

--Robert Rodi, New City



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