Paul Rauch

Since my upbringing in New York, to my present life in Seattle, jazz music has been a constant companion, an ardent passion of mine.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-08-27

I was introduced to jazz growing up in New York in the 70's. I was first attracted to the amazing virtuosity of the musicians. Over time, I began attending live shows and buying records. WRVR was the jazz station in NYC at the time, and a show by Ed Beach from 10 pm- midnight each night broadened my jazz horizons. My friend, the saxophonist Gary Smulyan made me aware of Beach's program. I have since carried forward as a jazz writer, promoter, and most of all, patron of the art.

My House Concert Story

I hosted a house concert in Seattle with the legendary flamenco jazz pianist, Chano Dominguez. We had 50 people in a family room with a Steinway B. It was $30, and the house had wine and tapas. Chano played a stunning 90 minute set, and after, a great hang with lovely people. I set this up last minute for Chano, who is a friend in town to visit his friends and family here. It was an amazing and intimate experience for all.

My Favorites

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