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Nemanja Zlatarev was a member of diverse musical formations, commencin (in 2003). Became steady in Novi Sad Big Band (in 2003). Through concert activity “Novosadski Big Bend” made collaboration with many respective artist and recognizable voices (Jelena Tomašević, Massimo Savić, Tanja Banjanin, Aleksandra Radović, Tijana Bogićević, Tanja Jovićević, Svetlana Palada, Jelena Buča, Vladimir Samardžić, Billy King, Saša Vasić, Boris Režak, Sergej Trifunović,...) Nemanja participated in album of “Novosadski Big Bend” as well, published in Sept2010. He collaborate periodically with regionally popular bands as ”Miladjopezo” (Novi Sad) and “Rich Bitch & Tanja Jovićević” formation (Sombor). With a help of few colleagues of his, (in 2009) initiated and founded “Jazz Omladinu Vojvodine”, and set up “Big Band of Jazz Omladina Vojvodine” (Vojvodina Jazz Youth Big Band) Also,Nemanja Zlatarev was a member of two international orchestras - big bands “East-West Europian Jazz Orchestra” and “Backyard Jazz Orchestra” with who he had tours in 2012. over Balcan countries, Germany and Austria ,and in 2013. in Italy.

In 2012. Nemanja start his own authored project/band “FUNKTASTIC COALITION” and in the same year manage to record audio and video material for the debut album.

From 2013.Nemanja joins as a regular member to Big Band of Serbia National Television(RTS) Friend and colleague call him to set up with a latin salsa band call' “The Mambo Stars”


Joins a only dixieland band in this part of europe - ”Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra”

As part of various jazz workshops and seminars at home and abroad, sharing the experience and knowledge with musicians and teachers of the Academy:

* London Trinity College of Music-Victor Obsust/Double Bass/ * Köln-Matthias Bergman/Trumpet,Frank Wunsch/Piano/ * Dortmund-Uwe Plath/Tenor Saxophone/ *Köln - Ryan Carniaux/Trumpet * Graz/Novi Sad-Bojan Vukelic/Alt,Sopran Saxophone/ * Graz-Reinhard Summerer/Trombone/ *Dortmund/Bochum-Achim Hartmann/Trombone *Skopje/Amsterdam/Belgrade - Vladimir Nikolov/Guitar,Composer,Arranging *Cologne/ - Stefan Schultze/Piano *Berlin/ - Peter Ehwald/ Tenor- and Soprano *Dresden/Essen/Dortmund/Novi Sad/ - Raphael Klem - Trombone *Villnus/Belgrade - Skirmantas Sasnauskas - Trombone

Graduate in 2011.classical Trombone at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Now he is a student of Music Faculty for Jazz and Popular Music in Belgrade.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... I play it! I was first exposed to jazz...from my Professor!

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