Michael Hood

Trombonist, Bassist, Arranger-composer, teacher

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because...Next to serving your country, might just be the most American, most patriotic, most creative and most personal thing one can do or love... I was first exposed to jazz...from my Mother...lent me her "Live from the Club" Cannonball Adderley record and I've never been the same.... I met [musician name]... The best show I ever attended was...BB King and James Brown - Monterey County Fairgrounds 1992. Transcendent.... The first jazz record I bought was...Blue Train - John Coltrane (Junior high paper route money) My advice to new listeners...cast your net (ears) wide, save your judgement and snarky comments until you know more, listen, listen and then listen again. Or whatever else you have in mind.

My Favorites

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