Jessica Lynde

A lover of all things jazz!

About Me

Smokey jazz clubs are a thing of the past (thank God). But healthy venues abound. I love checking out new venues and discovering new artist.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because...Not only is it a true American art form it is so lively and inspirational it just makes me want to squeal with excitement. I was first exposed to jazz...As a child. My father played jazz music all of the time. I don't know how he became interested in jazz but he was an aficionado. He took me to all types of jazz concerts. Maynard Ferguson, Spyra Gyra, NBC Orchestra, and Earl Klugh were but a few of the concerts we enjoyed together. I met [musician name]...Peter Erskine. He was so kind, humble, and polite. It was a thrill to not only meet him but to discover he is a real down to earth kind of guy. The best show I ever attended was...Charlie Harrington and the Jazz Express. My goodness what a spectacular experience. The first jazz record I bought was...Incognito by Spyra Gyra. My advice to new listeners...Stick with the classics first. Then explore some of the more "out there" kind of stuff. Everyone is trying to invent the next "new thing" but the classics are classic for a reason. Sometimes, perfection cannot be improved upon.

My Favorites

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