Looking good and more on the server.

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Looking good and more on the server.: Looking good and more on the server.
We're not quite out of the woods on the server migration project (a few significant items remain), but we hope to have all related issues resolved this time next week.

The good news is website stability has returned and if you have visited us over the last few days you probably noticed a faster, more responsive website. We worked diligently over the last four weeks to get to this point though we did experience a few a-ha moments along the way.

Prior to our move, we had to contend with a protracted DOS (denial of service attack). We addressed the problem on the old server, installed measures to protect us on the new server, then turned our attention to the server move.

We placed the website redesign project on hold for nearly two months, but returned to it on Wednesday and plan to complete it before the end of the month. In addition to the new home page (launched on June 3), we launched our new article and new announcement pages. Though not a huge departure from our previous design, the new pages are streamlined, lighter and load faster. Cleaner is always better.

We'll convert our most popular pages first then move on to the secondary pages.

This house cleaning project (move to the cloud, launch new design, SEO improvements) is all part of our effort to prepare AAJ for 2020, our 25th anniversary year.
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