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  • Lawler: Ernest "Little Son Joe" (g & voc) was married to "Memphis Minnie (voc)
  • Laws: Hubert (fl) and his younger brother Ronnie (ts & ss)
  • Lee: William James Edwards "Bill" (b & comp) is the son of Alberta G. (p) and Arnold W. (co & tp)
  • Lee: hammond-organist Bobbie Lee is the mother of Ellery Eskelin (ts)
  • Lee: David jr. (dm & perc & comp), Robert (fl & perc), Adam (perc) and Joseph (perc) are brothers
  • Lee: George E. (bs & voc & leader) was the brother of Julia (p & voc)
  • Lee: singer Jeanne was married to Gunter Hampel (vibes & b-cl & p & fl)

  • Lee: singer Peggy - real name: Norma Dolores Egstrom - was married to Dave Barbour (g)
  • Legrand: Michel (arr & comp & p) has a sister Chistiane (voc)
  • Leonhart: James C "Jay" (b) is the brother of Bill (g)
  • Lett: Richard (tp) is the son of Ike Isaacs (b)
  • Lewis: Edward "Ed" was the son of Oscar (both - tp)
  • Lewis: singer Nettie was married to J.Glover Compton (p)
  • Lewis: Ted - real name: Theodore Leopold Friedman - (cl & voc) was the brother of Edgar (co)
  • Lincoln: Abbey - real name: Anna Marie Wooldridge - (voc) was married to Max Roach (dm)
  • Lindberg: Nils (p & comp) was the nephew of Oscar (organ & comp)
  • Lindsey: John (b & tb) and his brother Herb (violin)
  • Lingle: Curt (co) was the father of Paul (p)

  • Little: Weston Wilbur (b) is a distant cousin of Benny Golson (ts)
  • Livingstone: Joseph Anthony "Fud" (cl & sax & arr) was the brother of Walter (sax)
  • Lloyd: singer Shilrey was married to Nat Jaffe (p)
  • London: Julie (voc) was married to Bobby Troup (p & voc & comp)
  • Logan: singer Ella was the aunt of Annie Ross (voc)
  • Lovano: Joe (ts) and his wife Judi Silvano (voc)
  • Lovelle: Herbie was the nephew of Arthur Herbert (dm)
  • Lowe: Curits Sylvester jr. (ts & bs) was the cousin of Sam (tp)
  • Lowe: Samuel Millton "Sammy" (tp & arr) and his brother James (sax) and sister Leatha (p)
  • Lucie: Lawrence (g & voc) was married to singer Susan "Nora Lee" King

  • Lukasik: Joe (cl) is married to Sally (tp)
  • Lutcher: Nellie (p & voc & comp) was the daugther of Isaac (b)
  • Mabane: Bob (ts) is the cousin of Chris Woods (as)
  • Mair: Albert sr. is the father of Albert jr. (both - p)
  • Manari: Joe (reeds) is the father of Matt (bariton-violin & viola)
  • Mangelsdorff: Albert (tb) & his older brother Emil (as) from Germany
  • Mangione: Gaspare Charles "Gap" (p & leader) is the older brother of Charles Frank "Chuck" (tp & flugelhorn)
  • Mantler: Mike (tp) is the husband of Carla Bley (p & leader) and the father of Karen (p & voc)
  • Marable: bandleader Fate (p) was a distant relative of Lawrence Norman (dm)

  • Mares: Paul (tp) was the older brother of Joe (cl), their father was Joseph P. (tp)
  • Mariani: Dick /ts) was the uncle of of James Edward III "Jimmy" Wormworth (dm)
  • Mariano: Charlie (as) was the first husband of Toshiko Akiyoshi (p & leader)
  • Marrero: Billy (b) was the father of John (bjo), Eddie (b), Simon (b & tuba) and Lawrence (bjo)
  • Marsala: Joe (cl), who was married to Adele Girard (harp), is the older brother of Marty (co), their father was Pete (valve-tb)
  • Marsalis: Ellis (p) is the father of Branford (ts & ss), Wynton (tp), Delfayo (tb) and Jason (dm)
  • Marshall: Wendell (b) followed his cousin Jimmy Blanton (b) in the Ellington Organization
  • Martin: "Cink" - real name: Martin Abraham - (b & tuba & g) was the father of Martin "Little Chink" (b) and the brother of Willie (bjo & g & b)
  • Martin: Freddie (cl & as) and Walter (sax) were brothers

  • Martin: Robert "Bobby" was married to singer Thelma Minor
  • Mason: Norman (cl & as & tp) and Henry (tp) were brothers
  • Massey: Cal (tp & comp) is the father of Zane (ts) and the uncle of Billy (tp)
  • Masso: George (tb) has an older brother Thomas (tp) and a son David (tb) and a daughter Paula (fl)
  • Mastren: Nicholas "Carmen" Mastren (g & arr) was the older brother of bigband-trombonist Al(bert)
  • Matthews: singer Babe was married to Joseph Lewis "Joe" Thomas (tp)
  • Mayer: Vali (b & voc) and his son "Jojo" (dm) from Switzerland
  • McCall: singer Mary Ann was married to Al Cohn (ts)
  • McCord: Castor was the twin-brother of Ted (both - cl & ts)
  • McCoy: "Memphis Minnie" - née Minnie Douglas - (voc) was married to Joe "Kansas" (voc & g) who was the brother of Charlie (g & mand & voc)

  • McFerrin: Bobby (voc) has the opera-singers Robert & Sara as parents
  • McGee: Willa Mae (p) is the mother of Khan Jamal (vibes)
  • McGhee: Brownie (g & voc) was the brother of Sticks (g)
  • McGrath: Fulton "Fidgy" (p & arr) was the father-in-law of Victor Feldman (vibes & p & dm & arr)
  • McKenrick: Gilbert sr. (tb & violin) was the father of Gilbert "Little Mick" (bjo & g & voc), Reuben (g & bjo), Richard (tb), Daniel (violin) and James (p) - to the utter confusion of the discographers they all worked sometimes as "Mike McKendrick"
  • McKinney: Harold Walton "Hal" (p & comp & voc) is the brother of Kiane Zawadi (tb) and the husband ov Gwen (voc)
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