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The Bakersfield Sound

Various Artists

Label: Bear Family
Released: 2019
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CD1: Lloyd Stalcup - The Cotton Picker's Song; Homer Pierce - Darlin' Baby; Jack Bryant - Sunny Cal; Mary Sullivan - Sunny California; Wayne 'Gene' Dinwiddle - Home In The Government Camp; King Family - Get Along Down To Town; Lloyd Reading - Home In San Antone; Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - Opening Theme / Seven Come Eleven; Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - Get Along Home Cindy; Elwin Cross and his Arizona Wranglers - Back In Dear Old Oklahoma; The Maddox Brothers and Rose - Okie Boogie; Bob Manning (vocal: Billy Gray) - Reading Your Letter With Tears In My Eyes; Leon Payne - Lost Highway; Tex Marshall & Bill Woods - Hittin' The Trail; Leo 'Tex' Butler - When The Leaves Come Tumbling Down; Bill Woods / Cliff Crofford - Have I Got A Chance With You; The Maddox Brothers and Rose - Water Baby Blues (Boogie); Terry Preston - (A Pretty Woman Is A) Deadly Weapon; Terry Preston - I Want You So; Herb Henson - Funny Book; Jimmy Thomason - Honey Baby; Jimmy Thomason - Your Love Was Like The Weater; Hillbilly Barton - You Made Me Love You; Ebb Pilling and his Ozark Squirrel Shooters - Ozark Polka; Bill Woods and his Orange Blossom Playboys with Hillbilly Barton - A Heart Break Ago; Fuzzy & Bonnie Owens - A Dear John Letter; Bill Woods & Rita Goodwin - Dear John; Billy Mize with Bill Woods and his Orange Blossom Playboys - Pusan; Ferlin Husky - Hank's Song; Joe Maphis & Rose Lee - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music). CD2: Tommy Collins - You Better Not Do That; Dallas Frazier - Ain't You Had No Bringin' Up At All; Bud Hobbs - Louisiana Swing; Forest Lee & Clete Stewart - When I Hold You; Buck Owens - Down On The Corner Of Love; Dave Stogner with Al Brumley - Stepping Stones; Herb Henson & Joyce Yours - Out Of Line; Semie Moseley - When The Saints Go Marching In; Jean Shepard - Take Possession; The Farmer Boys - It Pays To Advertise; Wynn Stewart - Why Do I Love You So; Tommy Duncan - Crazy Mixed Up Kid; Johnny Taylor - Sad Sad Saturday Night; Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know; Billy Mize - Who Will Buy The Wine; Al Coker with the Coker Family - Baby I Like Your Style; Louise Duncan - Wherever You Are; Sid Silver - Bumble Rumble; Andy Morris - I Need Her Love; Dusty Payne - I Want You; Fuzzy Owen - Your Every Thing (I Wish That She Could Be); Bonnie Blue Bell - I Never Thought; Jan Howard - What Time Tomorrow; George Rich - Drivin' Away My Blues; Bill Woods - Ask Me No Questions; Fuzzy Owen - Beware Of A Stranger; Skeets McDonald - Keep Her Off Your Mind; Dave Stogner - Yes Sir; Harlan Howard - Fun On The Freeway; Cliff Crofford - A Night For Love; The Farmer Boys - Someone To Love; Buck Owens - Come Back To Me. CD3: Reuben Chapman with Coy Baker & His Band - I'm Sorry Too; Don Thompson with Coy Baker & His Band - Empty Days And Lonely Nights; Phil Brown - You're A Luxury unknown - Steady Lovin'; Johnny Bond - I Like That Kind; Henry Sharp - Crazy Moon; Gene Martin with the Desert Stars - Pair Of Empty Arms; Herb Henson - You'al Come; Lewis Talley - Letters Have No Arms; Buck Owens - Second Fiddle; Billy and Cliff - When; Billy Mize - You Can't Take Your Love Outta This Boy; Billy Kaundart - I Removed Your Ring; Larry Bryant - Keep Right On Tryin; Buck Owens - Tired Of Livin'; Joe Hall - Cold Hearted Woman; Owen Charles - Stage Coach; Rip Goodman and Marcia - If I Could Only Tell You; George Latta - Our Hearts; Buck Owens - Til These Dreams Come True; Billy and Cliff - Living Up To My Name; Don Markham & The Marksmen - Goose, Pt. 1; Bonnie Owens - Just For The Children's Sake; Wally Lewis - My Baby Walks All Over Me; Wynn Stewart - Playboy; Al Brumley - Someone's Gonna Get Hurt; Jackie Kelley - Door Of Temptation; Jelly Sanders - Fiddlin' Country Style; Buck Owens & Rose Maddox - Loose Talk; Jimmy Patton - What Will I Do (With All These Memories); Tommy Dee - Loving You (On Someone Elses' Time); Custer Bottoms & Jack and Jerry - Why Tell Me. CD4: Buck Owens - King Of Fools; The Marksmen - Scratch; Jerry Cornelius and the Golden Eagles - It's My Turn To Cry; Wayne Morris - I Can't Stop Lovin'; Wayne Morris - I Pretend; Bill Woods - Truck Drivin' Man; Billy Bledsoe - My Last Night In Town; Leon Hart - New Home Sweet Home; Kenny Hays - Crossing My Fingers; Kenny Hays - Foolish Notions; Georgia Lynn - On Your Wedding Day; Tommy Lewis - Go Where You Wanta Go; Vancie Flowers - Private Party; Buck Owens - There's Gonna Come A Day; Anita Cross - Why Should I Cry Again; Bonnie Owens - Waggin' Tongues; Rollie Weber - Painting The Town; Johnny Barnett - Too Old To Hurt; Merle Haggard - Skid Row; Bill Meyers - Good-Bye Mr. Blues; Buck Owens - If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'; Bill Bledsoe - Tell Me Why; Bob Morris - Put Your Arms Around Him; Roy Nichols - Silver Bells; Buck Owens - Act Naturally (live); Merle Haggard - Life In Prison; Bobby Durham - My Past Is Present; Bobby Durham - Queen Of Snob Hill; Vancie and Rita - Tears In My Beer; Rose Stassi - Out Of My Mind. CD5: Buck Owens - Close Up The Honky Tonks; Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens - Slowly But Surely; Bob Hortter - Working Overtime; Jim Witlock - S.O.S.; Buck Owens - Fallin' For You; Merle Haggard - If I Had Left It Up To You; Merle Haggard - I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can (Tally); Merle Haggard - I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can (Capitol); Tommy Duncan - I Wish I Hadn't Called You; Jim Ward - Red Wine; Lewis Talley - More Wine, More Women, More Song; Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens - I'll Take A Chance; Don Rich & The Buckaroos - I'm Layin' It On The Line; Buck Owens - There Never Was A Fool; Doyle Holly & The Buckaroos - After You Leave Me; Dee Mize (aka Buddy Mize) - Just Leave My World Alone; Billy Mize - Walking My Fool; Liz Anderson - (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers; Tommy Collins - If You Can't Bite Don't Growl; Jeanie O'Neal - Alcohol And Tears; Bobby Durham - Home Is Where I Hang My Head; Red Simpson - Jeannie With The Light Brown Cadillac; Merle Haggard - Swinging Doors (alternate take); Kay Adams - Roll Out The Red Carpet; Dick Curless & Kay Adams - Old Standby; Buck Owens - House Of Memories; Buck Owens - Tiger By the Tail (live at Carnegie Hall); Vicki Lester - Fool Me Again; Ray Salter - The Bad Guy Gets The Girl; Billy Mize - Pappy Was A Clever Man; Jeanie O'Neal - Correspondence Course In Love. CD6: Bobby Austin - Apartment #9; Buck Owens - Open Up Your Heart; Dick Curless - A Good Job Huntin' And Fishin'; Gary Paxton - Goin' Thru The Motions; Red Simpson - I'm Actin' Like My Old Self Again; Kay Adams - Little Pink Mack; Doyle Holly - The Dumb Thing; Merle Haggard - Someone Told My Story; Red Simpson - Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves; Barbara Mandrell - Queen For A Day; Ronnie Sessions - I Guess You're Finally Satisfied; Merle Haggard - Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart; Joe and Rose Lee Maphis - A Lifetime Of Love; Del and Sue Smart - I'm So Mad At Me; Merle Haggard - Drink Up And Be Somebody; Wayne Wilson & Don Rich with The Buckaroos - You'll Never Miss The Water (Til The Well Runs Dry); Bob Morris - The First Thing I Think Of; Faye Hardin - Only The Strong Can Survive; Merle Haggard - You Don't Have Very Far To Go; Bobby Austin - I'm Not Looking For An Angel; The Buckaroos - Chicken Pickin'; Doyle Holly & The Buckaroos - A Foolish Notion; Merle Haggard - I Made The Prison Band; Oscar Whittington - 50 Year Waltz; Del and Sue Smart - Love That Just Won't Stop; The Gosdin Brothers - Hangin' On; Suzi Arden - Who Do You Go To; Merle Haggard - Where Does The Good Times Go; Joe Maphis - Pickin' And Guitin'; Rose Lee Maphis - Country Girl Courtship; Wayne Wilson - I'd Rather Be Hurt By You. CD7: Buck Owens - The Heartaches Have Just Started; Gene Moles - Fingerlickin'; Al Brumley - I'm Goin' Crazy; Bill Handy with Jelly Sanders Combo - Don't Leave Me Cryin'; Leo Stephens - Walking In My Sleep Crying Over You; Tom Rose - It's Over; Buck Owens and Buddy Alan - Let The World Keep On A Turnin'; Merle Haggard - Too Many Bridges To Cross Over; Dean Sanford - Too Young To Grow Old Over You; Tommy Wiggins - Calling All Lovers; Larry Daniels & The Buckshots - Buckshot; Bonnie Owens - Lead Me On; Leon Copeland - I'm Out Of My Mind; Clarence White - Buckaroo; The Sanland Brothers - Vaccination For The Blues; Red Simpson - You Put My World Back Together; The Strangers (Merle Haggrad) - Hammin' It Up; Bob Ross - Lucy Clowers; Ronnie Sessions - (I Used To Live) The Life Of Riley; Barbara Cheatwood - Married Man; Billy Mize - Make It Rain; Cliff Crofford - Mention My Name; Buck Owens - Sam's Place (live in London); Merle Haggard - California Cottonfields; Rodney Lay - Not Going Back To Jackson; Glenda Blackwell - I Want To Live In Your House; Tom Tall - Pitty Pitty Patter; Judy Hall - My Old Used To Be; Ira Allen - Love Is Me; Faye Hardin - Mistakes I've Made; Harold Cox & The Sooners - Pumpkin Center; Jerry Dallas - Tears Of Joy (Are A-Croppin' Out On Me); Stan Farlow - Devil River. CD8: Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (live in Muskogee); The Strangers - Stealin' Corn; Truitt Cunningham - Forgive And Forget; Buck Owens & Susan Raye - Cryin' Time; Buck Owens - Bring Back My Peace Of Mind; The Sanland Brothers - Cowboy Convention; Don Rich & The Buckaroos - Guitar Pickin' Man; Don Rich - Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right); Buddy Alan (Sohn von Buck & Bonnie Owens) - A Whole Lot Of Somethin'; Merle Haggard - I'm A Good Loser; Bobby Wayne - California On My Mind; Buck Owens - Reno Lament; The Hagers - Your Tender Loving Care; Henry Sharpe - There Is No Easy Way; Lewis Talley - Because You Can't Be Mine; Mike Beagles - She Don't Care Now; Dave Price - Night Life Is My Weakness; Merle Haggard - Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man); Sharon Haley - Heartbreak Mountain; Mayf Nutter - Never Ending Song Of Love; Tony Booth - Cinderella; Red Simpson - I'm A Truck; Johnny Campbell - Mr. Conscience; Vancie Flowers - How Dark Is My Journey; Merle Haggard - Bring It On Down To My House; Kenni Huskey - Number One Heel; Sonny Anglin - Today's Tomorrow's Yesterday; Merle Haggard; I'm Tired Of Your Understanding Ways; Kenny Vernon - I Bought The Shoes (That Just Walked Out On Me). CD9: Buck Owens - Arms Full Of Empty; Susan Raye - Love Sure Feels Good In My Heart; Homer Joy - Streets Of Bakersfield; Merle Haggard - I Know An Ending When It Comes; Buck Owens - Something's Wrong; Doyle Singer & The Buckaroos - Young Widow Brown; Tide Cartwright - Cheater's Ground; Blackjack Duran - I Laid Back Down; Arlo Guthrie - This Troubled Mind Of Mine; Merle Haggard - The Emptiest Arms In The World; Kenny Johnson with the Country Mile - Beer Drinkers Of America Unite; Buck Owens & Susan Raye - Sweethearts In Heaven; Laurel Lee - Mountain Of Fortune And Fame; Red Simpson - Bill Woods From Bakersfield; Thad Tillotson - Good Ole Country Sound; Freddie Hart - If You Can't Feel It (It Ain't There); Carlyle Graham - Foolish Man; Kay Austin - The Lord Rested On Sunday; Cliff Crofford - Every Time I Hear The Fiddle Play; Merle Haggard - Holding Things Together; David Frizzell - I'm The Bartender's Best Friend; Lawanda Lindsey - I Ain't Hangin' Round; Toby Keeney - Going Back To Oklahoma; Walt Pascoe - That Little Glass Of Milk; Roger Spanke - Betty Jane; Sandy Thomas - Antique In My Closet; Dennis Payne - Do You Believe In Me; Debi Hawkins - Teach Me How To Love; Merle Haggard - Mirrors Don't Lie; Tony Booth - A Different Kind Of Sad. 10: Buck Owens - Y'all Come / Tall Dark Stranger (live at Toys for Tots); Tony Booth - Lonesome 7-7203 (live at Toys for Tots show); Buddy Alan - Fishin' on the Mississippi (live at Toys for Tots show); Susan Raye - L.A. International Airport (live at Toys for Tots); Buck Owens, the Buckaoors and OMAC artists - Johnny B. Goode (live at Toys for Tots); Bonnie Owens - Number One Heel (take 14); Merle Haggard - If I Had Left It Up To You (take 4 with false starts); Merle Haggard - If I Had Left It Up To You (false starts); Vancie & Rita - Strange; Billy Mize - Misery; Billy Mize - The Name Of The Game Is Heartaches; Red Simpson - I'd Be A Good Time Charlie; Red Simpson - Fit For A King; Johnny Barnett - Which One Is To Blame; Junior Stonebarger with Jelly Sanders Band - Release Me; Fuzzy Owen, Bill Woods, Red Simpson & Band - My Ears Should Burn (When Fools Are Talked About); Bill Woods, Don Rich, Don Markham & Band - Truck Driving Man; Tommy Collins - Be Serious Ann; Joe & Rose Lee Maphis - Christmas Time's A Comin'; Lewis Talley - Blue Christmas; Louise Lovett - Lonely Christmas Call; 22. Merle Haggard - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.


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