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Knights of the Round Table

Madre Vaca

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2023
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The Lady of the Lake; Galahad; Excalibur; The Knights of the Round Table; Camelot; The Holy Grail; Merlin; King Arthur; Guinevere; Lancelot.


Madre Vaca
band / ensemble / orchestra
Juan Rollan
Lance Reed
Milan Algood
Molly Sweet
Michael Emmert

Album Description

Once upon a time, there was a land invaded by evil: Innocent damsels captured by giants, dragons terrorizing the countryside, dark sorcerers corrupting the minds of noble knights, and enemies of the king plotting their tyranny from the shadows. The king could think of but one way to right the wrongs and bring justice back to his kingdom. He formed an order of knights, the likes of which had never been seen before. He called forth the greatest, bravest, wisest, strongest, and boldest knights from every corner of the kingdom to fight in the king’s name, and to bring peace back to the land. These are the Knights of the Round Table. Cast of Characters: The Lady of the Lake - A powerful enchantress who gave the legendary sword Excalibur to King Arthur, adopted and raised Lancelot, and sealed Merlin in a cave for eternity after learning his most powerful magic through deceit and trickery. She is both good and evil. Galahad - Lancelot’s son, the most perfect of all knights, renowned for his purity and gallantry. Excalibur - A fearsome and terrible weapon, imbued with incredible power. However, the scabbard is even more valuable than the... sword, as it renders the wearer invincible. Any weapon this powerful is cursed, as it inevitably must bring destruction on its owner. The Knights of the Round Table - The brave knights serving King Arthur, whose purpose is questing for the good of the people. They live by a code of chivalry - courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. The table of these noble knights is round, symbolizing that all are equal. Camelot - The capital of Arthur’s realm. After quests, it is customary to return to Camelot for feasting and storytelling. The Knights send their defeated enemies back to Arthur’s court in Camelot to beg forgiveness from the king and queen, especially if they committed a horrible act. The Holy Grail - An elusive cup that bestows eternal life. The Holy Grail is likely unattainable, making the quest for it endless. Merlin - The greatest wizard of all time, teller of fortunes, and sorcerer capable of all manner of enchantments and spells. However, his most powerful ability is non-magical: good business advice. King Arthur - Legendary leader of Britain. King Arthur was beloved by his subjects and knights for his strength of body and mind, his fairness, and putting the people first. Guinevere - The Queen of England. Arthur’s beautiful and fiercely intelligent wife. She acquired the love of two men, which would be her downfall. Lancelot - His fighting ability unmatched by any man, Lancelot is unbeatable except by enchantment or trickery. He has only one fatal weakness - his love for Queen Guinevere. 




Album uploaded by Michael Ricci

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