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History of Jazz Timeline: 1904

Trombonist Glenn Miller is born in Clarinda, Iowa. Miller was one of several star sideman in the 1920's trend-setting Ben Pollack Orchestra. He roomed with fellow band-mate Benny Goodman. Young trumpeter Harry James drove the bus.
Stride piano player and composer Thomas "Fats" Waller is born on May 21 in Harlem as one of twelve children born to Edward Murtin Waller.
Tenor saxophone giant Coleman Hawkins is born in St. Joseph, Missouri on November 21.
Eddie Lang is born in Philadelphia, PA as Salvatore Massaro. Lang will become the first jazz guitarist and will thus influence all to come.
Alto saxophone and clarinet player Henry "Buster" Smith is born on August 26 in Ellis County, Texas. Buster became a favorite of Charlie Parker and is credited with teaching Charlie quite a bit.
Boogie Woogie piano pioneer Clarence "Pinetop" Smith is born.
Boogie Woogie piano pioneer Pete Johnson is born in Kansas City, MO.
Bass saxophonist Adrian Rollini is born in New York City on June 28.

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