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Christopher Trent

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... Grew up with Pat Metheny, AL Demiola and George (stop pounding on the keys) Winston; but never embraced or understood more traditional and avant garde jazz. Then, in middle age, my brother gave me Jazz at the Pawn shop and at the same time, I found Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vangaurd album and Miles Davis song So What. Changed my world. I am still developing the skill to digest, appreciate and enjoy the more complex side of jazz, but it is happening. I am coming to embrace more and more complicated things. I was first exposed to jazz... See above. Not much formal exposure until recently. I met [musician name]... No one. The best show I ever attended was... yet to be. The first jazz record I bought was... Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vangaurd. My advice to new listeners... be patient with yourself. One day that track that sounds like a cacophony, may dazzle and amaze you as your attention follows several players at once and you suddenly get it.